Indian guitar & Rhythm-chord mastery

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Ask me your doubts:


You could be an absolute beginner, advanced beginner, or been playing for a long time. (see options below for your skill level)

You are interested in playing Indian music on the guitar, fluently like it is sung. Raga, carnatic or film songs. Slowly be able to find notes on your own, improvise authentically, compose.

You are interested in chord and rhythm playing, especially for Indian music. You want to be able to play fluent rhythm, maybe find chords on your own, play fingerstyle and chord melody, play rhythm and chords while singing etc.

Focused courses available for you now:

Instead of just real time meetings, we have an extremely optimized way of learning and teaching based on better educational methods, that ensure the best use of your time, money and effort, resulting in sure, fast and deep progress of the student. 

Once you join, we will discuss and I will give you a custom path to follow.

Better 1-1 + Membership access to Courses

Direct learning with Shyam – custom material, focused practice paths, corrections and guidance

Looking for 1-1 classes with me? This is the option to get private corrections and guidance with me, in a structured manner that ensures outcomes.

    • Continued option to learn songs, chords, find notes for songs, individual corrections, your custom needs with private corrections and guidance from Shyam.
    • Membership access to core course content developed over years of teaching experience – don’t miss out on anything.

Fundamentals Bundle: Absolute and advanced beginner

    • Get Guitar basics that matter, Indian guitar first steps, Rhythm chord basics – competencies and skills to make you a confident guitar player
    • Own the three courses content and use at your own pace
    • Just beginning? You want a clear path from zero to quality playing without confusion, making sure of learning the best practices and fundamentals properly so that you can confidently continue with your learning and playing.

Specific Topic courses:

  1. Want to learn to find chords on my own for ANY raga, songs, scale… (slightly advanced theory)  

Who am I?

My name is Shyam. You are here probably because you have seen me play on youtube – lead and chords. I have been playing our Indian style music since 1990 (I was 11).

I have a Btech from IIT Madras. Been into music, internet, and teaching-related fields most of my life. I live in Germany.

Your talent or ability is questioned

… while the real problem is 1) the wrong content 2) lack of frameworks teaching what you need (don’t know how the path will lead you to your goals, no clarity) 3) lack of knowledge of teaching/learning in available sources (quantity of songs vs quality of how you are playing)

Our method, we have clear competencies and skills, not just more songs but your skill will improve making you and others also say how you are playing better and not just striking notes, specialized for Indian music and the kind of rhythm chord you see in my videos, no time money effort waste, directly from where you are to the skills you want to have. 

The core videos are made available like a text book, but since you are an individual with unique needs, custom corrections and guidance is an important part of our courses. SO, it is not about a fixed curriculum, but giving you what is useful for your needs, to take you from where you are to where you want to be.