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$7 (₹500) to be a better player in the next 30 days

You can start accessing my courses – methods and techniques my students and I use – using a single subscription, at one place.

Usually it is a monthly subscription of $27 or $47 (depending on how you get corrections from me). But, now you can start using it for $7 for 1 month. 

You have watched my youtube videos, found my tutorials useful in making your learning faster and deeper. You want to learn with me, to make deep and lasting playing progress without wasting time, effort and money. Try this option while it is available (no-risk). Let me help you.

  • If you are a beginner, start with Guitar Basics that Matters – it will get you started while you learn the needed basics the useful way.
  • Indian style or film song playing – use the Indian Guitar courses to make your playing fluent and efficient.
  • Specifically want to learn Carnatic? Use the basic Indian guitar methods + Carnatic geethams, krithis etc (regularly updated).
  • Rhythm and chord based courses are also included, helping you move from look and play to understanding and higher levels of learning.
  • Ear training, chord melody, improvisation, rhythm while singing and other related fields will be added to the course as you get the basics right.
  • You have access to me through the FB group or through skype/hangouts messaging and through practice video correction, videos custom made for you – see the options and choose one that best suits you. That way you will get your specific problems solved. 
  • Course includes videos, tabs, pdfs and images that you can use at your own pace.
  • The course area will remind you which course you can start with. Also, within each couse, prerequisites are suggested if any, and resources are mentioned to created your learner path.
  • At any time you need help building a learn path for your specific goal or skill levels, just contact through or skype/hangout and I will make a custom learner path for you.
  • You can cancel at any time. You will get a full refund if these resources are not working for you – just let me know within 30 days of payment.

Subscription cycle is every month on the date you join. So, you don’t have to wait till the first of a month to join and make full use of the course. If you join on the 6th of a month, next billing is only on the 6th of the next month.

Here are two variations you can choose from, based on your needs:

Option 1: Get access to the courses + Custom Guidance through Skype messages and Video Corrections

  • The first month access is for just USD7 and if you choose to continue, it is at USD47. Cancel anytime – just mail 
  • Once you join, you have immediate access to the course content. Choose and start based on your interest and your skill level.
  • You will be given Shyam’s Skype ID. Add him to skype and send him your practice video when possible to get started with custom corrections and suggestions on what to focus. Usually students send in videos once every month or twice every month. I don’t keep any limit on that – you can send me weekly too – just make sure you are putting into practice what is discussed in my response videos.
  • 2 – 3 days response time. So you can get your corrections fast and do your practice.
  • You have access to the students only Facebook group too. We know how peer interaction and being able to see what others are doing motivates us and makes our learning faster and surer.
  • The 2nd month onwards you can request for song tutorials. As a member, your request will have higher preference.

Option 2: Get access to the courses + FB group for Q & A

  • The first month access is for just USD7 and if you choose to continue, it is at USD27. Cancel anytime – just mail
  • Once you join you have immediate access to the course content.
  • Join the Students only FB group (Only paid students in the group – no outside access – focused and safe group).
  • Shyam will answer your questions once every two weeks.
  • You can also choose to get an email from Shyam twice a month asking for doubts. If you don’t use FB, you can also reply to that email with your doubts, which will then be answered along with the FB questions. The video with the answers will be available in the course section under Q & A sessions.

Other than one on one classes ($90 per 45 minutes), this is the only way to access the content that I provide my students. This way I can reach more and help more students benefit from my life work. Since you are interested in my way of playing or teaching, I hope you will take the option and join me.

Those who study with me wants freedom and independence. I am assuming you too want to in the long term, be able to find songs and chords on your own, letting you play what you want without being life long dependent on others through tabs and chord sheets.

In order to do that, you need to go beyond just mindless looking, remembering and repeating.

You also need structured instruction, that will make sure that you are practising towards your goals, instead of getting sucked down into the youtube tutorial whirlpool.

Using this resource, you get access to my methods and techniques that will allow you to start playing Indian raga or film songs fluently,  playing rhythm and chords / chord melody with understanding, slowly progressing to being able to find songs and chords on your own.

Different from youtube videos, because: In my youtube videos, we discuss film songs. In these ragacourse resources, we take a step by step approach to thoroughly master the techniques and methods you need, if you like my playing and would like to learn to play or make music the way I do. It can be Indian film song fluency the way it is sung, can be rhythm and chord playing, chord melody… 

The resources are arranged so that based on your skill level (beginner or intermediate or advanced beginner) and what your goal is (playing songs, chords, rhythm etc), you can choose the right course for you and you just need to keep doing the lessons and exercises in that course one by one, in order to take yourself to the next level. It is structured to make sure you don’t get discouraged by abstract exercises and theory, instead you complete levels with mini wins,  strategic goals that will move you forward while raising your overall skill level.

Even my one on one Skype class students have started using this subscription method, since they can use the videos, pdfs, tabs etc as they want, at their own pace, depending on their skill level and goals. 

Compare the pricing with the cost of you guitar. Compare it with other teaching or learning sources you have. I have kept the first month fees to $7 so that you can see how my methodology is different and how it will help you. 

For example, if you ask me to teach rhythm and chords, I will clearly tell you what the minimum needed skill is. Ask you to play downstrokes and change chords without losing time (chord transition rules will help you), before you attempt strumming.

Level by level. Reaching a finished product or mini win as early as possible, while laying strong foundations to your skill. 

Try the course. If you have found my youtube tutorials worth more than $7, anyway you have nothing to lose 🙂 Plus, there is no risk since I will give back the $7 if you are not satisfied and let me know within 30 days. Test it for a full 1 month… So that you will know that you have tried it.

If it works, good… Continue learning. $27 or $47 – compare it with your other options or other expenses… Compare and see if being a better musician or guitar player is worth the expense. Cancel or pause anytime.

All good.

Be part of the journey. Use the new content and tutorial I make and give feedback. Many of my course students are friends by now. 

Especially if you have known me through my youtube videos for some time, I would really like to get to know you and have you as an insider… 

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