Experience the Fluency

Beginner or been playing for sometime:
  • Stop hitting, start playing
  • Avoid frustration and quitting – grow your skills while learning what matters to you
  • learn the underlying mechanics to enjoy the freedom of a fluent Indian guitar player.

Master the Competencies & Subskills

while learning what matters to you

My Teacher - a gentle and beautiful way he teaches the instrument . With the backing of Ragacourses, I am realizing that the foundation, the speed and focus that I have now is wonderful. Signing to Ragacourses was one of the best decisions I have taken and I recommend wholeheartedly for music learners. -
Ellicott City, US

My name is Shyam

A German village evening light
  • ex-IITian. 1998 BTech (All India Rank: 716)
  • playing Indian style guitar since 11 years of age
  • Teaching, building instruction systems, since 1.5 decades
  • Free videos: Youtube (musicianself, shyammonk)

I used my FOCUS – CHUNK – SKILL method to prepare and pass JEE, from a small town in South Kerala. My students and I use DELIBERATE practice methods.

Benefit from my learning and teaching methods; from the logic and behavoural methods you get when learning with me.

Hard earned wisdom of the east-west bridge


Music Insider Groups

Details: shyam@musicianself.com OR Whatsapp: +91 828 1234 828

For a fraction of the price of a guitar:
  • Regular group calls with Shyam: Q & A, your specific doubts cleared, specific techniques shown to you
  • Members only Whatsapp group: post your practice videos and doubts ANY time to get direct corrections and guidance with Shyam
  • GROUP ONLY lessons: specialized insider content – not available anywhere else – posted within the group – exercises, effective practice tips, specialized finger – phrasing – strumming – chord knowledge
  • Group only Discounts

Learn from specialist teachers: fundamentals, raga improvisation, chord melody, rhythm and chords… and more. 

Courses and Bundles

Lifetime access to foundation courses:

  • Guitar basics that matter
  • Indian guitar first steps
  • Rhythm chord basics
  • [Bonus] Carnatic geetham lambodara

Not sure about your technique, want to make sure you are following best practices and efficient fluency methods from the beginning?

1 year access to all course topics:

  • Beginner Courses:
    • Guitar basics
    • Indian guitar basics
    • Rhythm Chord basics
  • Indian guitar skill growth & Fluency
  • Rhythm chord, Fingerstyle and Chord Melody exercises
  • Ear training exercises
  • Carnatic basics and techniques lessons
  • private recorded video submission and corrections

Especially if you are new here… 

What can you learn?

Watch Indian music played fluently like sung on the guitar. Rhythm & Chord, Chord Melody.

Watch to learn the underlying mechanics, skills and processes to make you a better Indian guitar player. 

1-1 classes & Private Corrections

Doubts? Text (Whatsapp) +91 82812 34828

With Shyam

  • 25 – 45 minute calls: goals are discussed before call, follow up after call
  • we will clarify your 2 month goals and long term needs. 
  • Custom Connect your current skill to your goals, like a GPS.

With Sreenath (Trained teacher)

  • 25 – 50 minute calls
  • recorded video corrections
  • Whatsapp +91 828 1234 828 for details to learn with Sreenath.

Sreenath | Trained Teacher

Sreenath started playing Indian style and chords by watching Shyam’s youtube channels. Later, he started using the ragacourse material, got instruction from Shyam, submitted video and theory material for examination. After validation, he started teaching students using Shyam’s teaching methods and value concepts.

Mr. Sreenath is my tutor, he is very humble and patient enough to listen to his students view. He understands what a beginner looks for, he scripts the sessions in such way that the interest never goes down. His teaching style is unique, he ask me choose what song I need and he gives the notes as per my understanding. My hearty thanks to Sreenath and Shyam sir for making this wonderful journey.

“I am a student of Shyam. I also teach in his method. In my life, I haven’t seen anything like this – goal oriented, without ineffective methods, not limiting information to prolong time spent, total commitment to student progress. Once you start in his method, you see the endless possibilities and you are hooked.” – Sreenath

Discover and Benefit : Focused Free Resources

Your advantages:

  • Identify and remedy the sub-skill problems that make your playing disconnected – beginner or been playing
  • Discover the best methods of practice – Focus, Chunk, Skill – based on your interest
  • Underlying competencies to use your practice time best and get the results you want
  • Offers, special content, bonuses
  • Start a conversation

Be a better musician

Access as you wish, all the curated courses and lessons shown BELOW.

1 year COMPLETE access to the ALL the courses below:

  • Guitar basics that matter, Indian guitar first steps, Rhythm Chord basics [FUNDAMENTALS BUNDLE]
  • Fluency Mechanics (Indian guitar skill growth)
  • Rhythm chord, Fingerstyle and Chord Melody exercises
  • Ear training exercises, Chord Code PDFs
  • Carnatic: Lambodara, Varaveena, Kamalajathala, Mahaganapathim
  • Corrections with a teacher
  • Raga improvisation courses NOT INCLUDED

Ragacourses Membership Bundle

Fundamentals Bundle, Skill growth courses & Carnatic

Get lifetime access to: Guitar basics that matter, Indian Guitar First steps, Rhythm Chord basics + (BONUS) Carnatic Geetham
+ 1-1 call & rec. video corrections with a teacher.

Your Needs & Interests

Beginner Best Practices

You have the right to start learning music playing towards what you like, knowing for sure that you are in the right direction, absorbing the best practices without wrong methods.

Indian Guitar Fluency

Stop hitting notes. Play music. Learn the rules of connected sustained playing. Practice exercises relevant to playing your favorite Indian songs fluent and efficient like it is sung!

Rhythm Chord Ability

Automated rhythm hand. Smooth intelligent transition moves. Underlying mechanics to reduce the time you take to go from 0 to be a consistent rhythm chord player.

Chord Melody & Fingerpicking

Fingerstyle rich playing using song notes and chords at the same time. Better sound when playing alone. 0 to Higher skill level exercises.

Sing while rhythm

Play with family and friends? You play the rhythm while you sing or accompany. How to sync and not go awkwardly out of rhythm? Rhythm hand automation, chord techniques.

Advanced skills

How to find notes and chords on your own? Ear training, improvisation… other musician concerns. Join the family, let us go the path together. Custom solutions – just ask us.

Want to start with free content or be notified of offers?

Path & Practice

  Learning theory, methodology, frameworks, steps we use to systematically and efficiently learn the different skills involved in playing music fluently and connected as we want it. Instead of trying in vain to somehow get the final sound, you understand the sub skills that chunk down the bulk to managable rewarding substeps. Spend your time, energy and money to get the best results as possible:
  • Beginner what to do
  • Indian guitar fluency – raga or film song – how
  • carnatic on guitar – additional
  • rhythm and chord steps
  • the smart chord root & pattern method overview
  • how to find chords steps
  • finding notes on your own – logic
  • learning using songs you like. Why
  • raga improvisation on western instrument – phrasal
  • fast and sure progress