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Will you benefit from DIRECT calls with Shyam? ACCESS TO student only resources?

Do you think you will become a better player if your doubts are cleared by an expert you trust? Would you like to go beyond just playing notes, know what exactly to practice?
Often the corrections are not at the note level, or what the student thinks…

Start playing the way you have wanted to:


Many of my students have wanted to learn music in childhood, couldn’t due to different reasons.

After University, or 35+, now they have the time and resources to do it. But …

Youtube whirlpool sucks them in. Or they get stuck with a lesson plan that doesn’t lead them to finally what they want to play – Indian music.

The lack of motivation leads to frustration and quitting.


Even if you find Tabs and resources to learn the music you really want to, your playing doesn’t sound the way the song really sounds like.  It could be a simple change, but without corrections, you will be practising the wrong methods and techniques, unnecessarily stuck.

Avoid: A student often doesn’t know what they don’t know and they can’t demand. Often you as a student are taken through generic exercises that don’t sound musical. You end up being a note hitter instead of a musician.

Whatever you play, take care of the underlying competencies that make you a better player and musician. 

Get specific corrections I feel sad when someone claims to play 20 different songs, all at a mediocre skill level – what if they had instead played just 2 songs, corrected their foundations, gained vertical skill growth and then… widened their repertoire at that skill level?

My students are smart. If you are here, it is because you know the difference that learning methods and teaching strategies can make. We follow the Focus – Chunk – Skill method to take you from Where you are to Who you want to be, with deep and fast progress, like a GPS.

What should you learn? How to plan your practice for assured results? What not to do and waste resources.

How to make sure you are motivated, have accountability, actually do the practice that will bring the change?

Group members post and get corrections:

Friendly, positive group:
Very specific solutions:

Be a better player:

  • Daily support – whatsapp chat – post as doubts arise or you feel the need for guidance.
  • Amazing community – peer learning – what are others working on, struggling with?
  • Monthly 2 to 4 (see options) group calls with Shyam – Get direct guidance from Shyam (zoom/meet)
    • 40 minute calls
    • Note down your question as you come for the chat. Each will be answered in the order. You can come on video/audio chat when your question is being answered, for follow up.
  • Weekly exercise videos, practice tips, technique and method videos for each important topic – no more seaching. we will post exercises, corrections you need to be aware of and more. Try them, learn from them, post your playing or ask doubts
  • [BONUS] Free access to complete course bundles if you are a member of the group – learn all of it at your own pace, ask doubts in the whatsapp text chat
  • Accountability, productivity measures – What to learn is not enough. You need support, especially for adult students, balancing time between life commitments. We are looking for change, not just content providing. 

How much should I charge for all this, my lifetime of music learning? 

At this stage, I want to share my experience and want to make it accessible for most. 

Though the prices may go up in the near future, now, for a limited time, you can benefit for just a small fraction of the price of a decent guitar. Let us build a community together.

  • The challenge or group coaching is for 1 month – 30days
  • Immediate access to course bundles.
  • Join for the next call starting on Septemeber 3rd
  • Once you join, you will be added to the group by September 3rd.
  • Once you join, let us know your interest and current skill level
Imagine the improvement you will make over the next 30 days, with proper guidance from an expert teacher.

All options include Whatsapp Chat for any time doubt clearance by a teacher, regular exercise videos for you to try and content in relevant topics for you to learn.


  •  4 group calls in a month with Shyam
    • 2 on Saturday or Sunday 8.30pm IST (8am PST, 11am EST)
    • 2 on Weekday (most probably Thursday) 7.30pm IST
  • Access to Membership courses:
    • Guitar Basics That Matter
    • Indian Guitar First steps to fluency
    • Rhythm chord Basics (Fundamentals bundle) +
    • Fluency Mechanics
    • Rhythm Chord Mastery
    • Fingerpicking and Chord Melody exercises
    • Sing + Rhythm Chord
    • The Chord code
    • & Carnatic bundle
    • Post videos and doubts in the group chat
  • 1 private video correction: record you practice video & post directly to Shyam (will give details) – useful if you want private consultation outside the group


3 month Access

  • Get all the benefits of standard option for 3 months.
  • 1-1 call of 25 mins with Shyam
  •  11% off (800 rs)


Include 1-1 with Shyam Everything in Standard + one 25 minute private call with Shyam in September. Join for USD60

Indian payment or doubts? Whatsapp Sreenath (teacher): +91 828 1234 828 ( Google pay: INR 2400 | 4800 | 6600 )

Find out how well you are playing, what changes to make to get the results. What hidden problems are preventing you from being the musician you could be.

What students say:

With the back up of fundamental bundle from Ragacourses, covering the theory is well taken care. I am realizing the foundations,the speed and focus that I have now is wonderful.
Signing to Ragacourses was one of the best decisions I have taken and I recommend wholeheartedly for music learners.

-Krishna Mohan, Ellicott City, US

Detailed review from Nikhil Joseph

Q.The community or the WhatsApp group, posting the videos. Did you find it helped you reach closer to your goals the corrections which we gave did it help you develop that feedback loop, complete the feedback loop, better your playing? 

Yes, I found it immensely helpful. You have given specific feedback for each person who posted videos and corrections that would help achieve progress. You have also suggested materials/videos based on the group call discussions we had.  It definitely helped me reach closer to my goals. For example, when we started the one -month course, you asked us to strictly take 2 songs and focus on those. I started Mahaganapathim and wasn’t sure I would be able to complete it as it involved difficult slides towards the end, however, I was able to complete it with the help of the specific feedback that I got. 

Q. Did you find the group calls useful? How did it help you reach closer to your playing goals? You can even give specifics like if there was a specific song or rhythm or chord or particular problem which you were able to solve during the group call, it would be useful to know. 

The group calls were useful to some extent, however, I felt we haven’t used it to its full potential. You’ve would have already given the specific feedback for each person in the group chat. I found it more useful than the group calls. Also, the questions we asked during the calls would have mostly explained in one of the videos that you already have given us access to. But for difficult songs, techniques I found it useful for me. For. Example; you have explained a little bit about the chord melody for Roja/Mahaganapathim on the group call. It helped a little bit to understand how you go about the specific song. Not sure how much that helped others though. 

Q. The content which was promised to you and which was delivered to you, did you feel that there was enough content to practice, to go through, to understand the fundamentals and even advance particular techniques as a supplement to the group Calls and what we were doing in the community.

Yes, absolutely. There was enough content and practice videos and tips on the courses you gave us access to. The fundamentals were clearly and repeatedly explained. You also had specific videos that targeted advanced techniques such as difficult/long slides, unusual rhythms etc.

Q.Did you also feel the quality of the content was useful, not just telling you more of what to do, but also how to do, the specifics, usual mistakes, some corrections, again which complements the work we do. if there was any specific content you found useful or any particular way you used it as a supplement to your work you can mention that. 

Yes, definitely. The quality of the content is top notch. For example, the Mahaganapthim course, you have explained how we are going to approach it. The scale first and then the raga notes and the specifics about playing the raga. During the course of the videos you’ve also mentioned the specifics which I found useful. I’ve also watched other videos where you have mentioned about the usual mistakes, alternate ways to play, common mistakes etc. I was able to use these techniques/tips on other songs which I’ve played outside of your content. 

Group members are pointed to the exact lessons that solve their specific problem, without having to search:

Lessons that solve your problems:
Specific to the phrase:

Do you need it? Of course you can continue practising without getting corrections. But, each repetition you will be affirming mistaken methods that will affect your playing and possibly result in frustration.

I give detailed tutorials including TABs for free, so that you can try them. I don’t restrict content. The real learning is in the corrections. You won’t know what you are missing. An expert teacher can point it out in a few seconds, thereby changing the quality of your practice and results.


Have you had similar doubts? 

Example real doubts asked and answered:

    • Unable to remember the notes and play – dependent on TABs forever. How to be free? (Using recall instead of repeat)
    • Can play open chords but can’t play for songs. Hint: Do you know family of chords? Can you learn chords that come together? 
    • Slides are difficult – how to practice?
    • How to practice hammer on and pull off?
    • Practising a lot, still doesn’t sound like sung. Hint: reduce what you practice. Include more layers of correction for notes, connectedness, finger, phrasing, hand and arm placement.
    • Which beat is this song, how do i play it? Hint: start with downbeat. i will show you example
    • Chord melody? Start with just one pattern. 
    • Basic learning method
    • How to find the beat , Key Signature – Key change within a song possible ?
    • Does the family of chords work for every songs ?
    • Different rhythmic patterns in the same song. Confused
    • How to play rhythm for fast songs ?
    • How often play chords. How to decide when to switch ?
    • Scale to raga-  How to connect scales with carnatic ragas- where to begin ? 

What’s NOT included: 

  • Pure western songs, we don’t work with. 
  • New Song tutorial and TAB requests cannot be fulfilled as part of this offer since time and intensive. Corrections on what you are playing is possible. 100s of tutorials already given on youtube: musicianself, to use freely.
  • No private 1-1 calls
  • No random chats, out of topic spam – we will keep it clean.

The Group starts on October 3rd 2023Join now, to be added on the whatsapp group, to access group calls and course bundles

Members only course access, you will have immediately on joining and only be valid as long as you are a part of the group.

Indian payment Google Pay :+91 828 1234 828 (Whatsapp the number for Indian bank details, doubts)

If you put in the required work as suggested to you in the corrections and use the resources as advised, you will find progress.