can carnatic be played on the guitar

G# B and C notes alternate positions

high low different positions assess

01 scale to raga ascend descend rules screencast

higher octave SRG.mp4

how to read tabs.mp4

lower octave sndp.mp4

c major to mmg 01 notes swara fret change

c major to mmg guitar explanation

C major to C mmg 01 swaras notes frets

C mmg different positions 2nd 1st strings

C mmg different positions 3rd 2nd strings S R

c mmg scale assess

c major scale assess

mpdssr swara sheet 01 f.mp4

mpdssr swaras 01.mp4

beginning till dpmgrs

srmgr notes till end f.mp4

swara slides on TAB

swara slides version 01

mmg scale to malahari raga slides.mp4

mmg scale to raga malahari 01.mp4

lambodara sahithya 01 part 01.mp4

lambodara sahithya 01 part 02.mp4

lambodara sahithya slides first line.mp4

charanam 01 swara to slide explanation

1st charanam guitar explanation

charanam 02 guitar

charanam 02

PALLAVI 3 click precount 70bpm.mp4

PALLAVI full click 70bpm.mp4

charanam 01 sidha 3 precount 70bpm

charanam 01 sidha full click 70bpm

lambodara sakalavidya 3 beat precount.mp4

lambodara sakalavidya full click 70bpm.mp4

full song playalong