All Chords Advantage Explained

Everything that you need for chords and rhythm on guitar, that I play and teach:

  • basics to chords, chord transitions : how smart guitar students learn the chord moves to play like a pro in a short time
  • rhythm basics: what to practice, what to focus on, what is minimum needed skill to start being able to perform or play convincingly without breaking the beat
  • advanced chords rhythms: have you watched my unplugged videos? The usage of left hand mutes, automated rhythm hand, fluent mastery of barre chords
  • smart chords: cut through the clutter. Know how I play any chord using just 3 chord forms as the base. The smart learners approach to deciphering the pattern based nature of the guitar to your advantage
  • how to find chords for any raga, scale, song… using family of chords and using micro detail phrase approach. If you have watched my chord improvisations, this is how I do them. By thinking in chords, building them out of the melody. (these are advanced skills practiced over time. You will know exactly what to practice)
  • singing while playing rhythm, playing rhythm for someone else etc.
  • fingerpicking and chord melody (my style)
  • Most importantly: These resources are updated. When you join you get the material you need to start with, more than enough for a few months. Meanwhile, you keep asking me questions. That’s right… for a complete 12 months you have the freedom and option to keep asking me doubts based on which I will prioritize my video uploads. Isn’t that a rare advantage, building a curriculum with me, having access to the person whom you want to learn from and who makes the content? Take the advantage. (After the first 12 months, I will still be available for your doubts. But I don’t want to make such long term promises on time. Content and access – you have lifetime access to my servers, or will allow you complete download whenever it is found necessary)

Fees: USD497 (One time payment. Life time access to the content and Updates)

If you have watched my videos or interacted with me, you know I am sincere and genuine about getting results. From my free Youtube videos to one on one classes, students choose to learn from me because I am keenly interested in the learning and teaching process and make the path as clear as possible, with deep most aim at getting you results. I am here. You will have contact with me. We will go the path together.

p.s. buy or join the courses ONLY if you are already familiar with my work through videos and have trust in me and my teaching methods.