Carnatic and Indian song method begins

Indian Film songs & Carnatic interest

Starting to play Indian style and Carnatic songs fluently with understanding

Playing raga style film songs or pure carnatic? You will benefit from this bundle + interaction with me.

You don’t need me to learn Carnatic.

You will benefit from me though, to play Carnatic and Indian style fluently and efficiently, with understanding on the guitar. Acknowledging the specificities of Indian style music + the specific methods needed for the instrument guitar.

Use the material, tabs and method made specifically for guitar. Don’t try to adapt generic notation on to the guitar. I have been playing this style for 28 years – benefit from my experience.

Three courses life time access:
  • Guitar basics that matter to your Indian style playing
  • Indian Guitar First Steps
  • Sree Gananaatha Geetham – 4 level instruction to build carnatic song from scale level to full slide. Foundational knowledge and systematic skill growth
  • (Option 3 Super pack has an extra Raga Mohanam Varaveena Geetham course)


  • option 1 (Get clarity and skill growth): 3 basics courses + 1 month of email doubts and guidance (USD49)
  • option 2 (Get your playing corrected): everything in option 1 + 1 month of recorded video corrections sent between us privately (USD59)
  • option 3 (Super focus, clarity and skill)2 months of everything in option 2 (USD129 $164) video corrections & emails for 2 months + a 25 minutes 1-1 call with Shyam + Varaveena Geetham

I have given youtube videos for free. Most probably you are here because you found them useful and are convinced about benefitting from my work.

Although I want to help anyone interested to learn and grow, due to human limitations and since I need to spend my time and energy on income for myself and my family, direct interactions and corrections are reserved for students and members of my courses.

You gain As a member, you will have me to guide you and answer your doubts. To give you clarity, help you see the relevant from the jungle of information and possibilities:

  • no more youtube whirlpools to suck you in and waste your time with no results
  • no generic guitar instruction when your interest is clearly to learn Indian style music that you are familiar with and are interested to play finally
  • no half baked teachers – you get someone who will correct your playing, help you model the best practices of a very good player, make sure that you grow in the different aspects essential to be a well trained musician (feedback loops, finger position, right hand methods, scale raga connections, guitar specific efficiency methods for Indian music)

About Video corrections and 1-1 My students and I highly recommend using the video corrections or even a one time video call, since then you will know what you do not know about correcting your playing. You will see how we need to pay attention to the details, to go beyond being an amateur player – corrections you can make immediately, but are micro details which are usually omitted.

Good playing is in the details. Great playing is in the micro details and planning. We all  need some references who can show or tell what to do, instead of having to reinvent the wheel and waste time on trial and error.

Well, you know best, at what stage of growth you are in now. What is possible for you now. So choose what is best for you now. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side. Let me help 🙂

$47 Single Payment – Lifetime Access to the 3 courses, lifetime updates
1 month of email interactions for clarity, focus and path

$57 Single Payment – Lifetime Access to the 3 courses, lifetime updates
1 month private video corrections (up to 3 videos, each up to 5 minutes in length)
1 month of email interactions for…

$127 Single Payment – Lifetime Access to the three courses, lifetime updates + Varaveena Geetham
25 minutes 1-1 Zoom session with Shyam (worth $50 | we will fix a time that works for both of us, between 6am and 6pm German time)
2 months private video corrections (up to 8 videos, each up to 5 minutes in length)
2 months of email interactions

No-brainer Bonus: in the future when you join Indian Lead/Carnatic complete course you will get a discount of $47 on that course. Yes, you can continue the advanced course as if you have already paid $47 for it. 

Once you join, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the courses you have access to. You will also get emails (check spam in case and whitelist me) with the login and password unique to you. Just login and access your courses anytime – 24/7.
Email me at once you have joined, telling me your main goals, what you like to play finally and if you are a beginner or been playing for sometime. I will send you the custom path you could follow for best long term and short term results.


If it doesn’t work for you, there is no point.
I mean, the reason I give away free tutorials on youtube, with all details possible is so that you don’t struggle and get stuck.
So, naturally, if this doesn’t work for you for some reason, no questions asked refund.
Just let me know within 7 days of buying. You will get full refund.
(Please check the content and use it within 7 days and let me know, since I am unable to give a refund after 7 day period. Also, if you use the video correction option, there won’t be a refund since I have spent my time, delivering what I promised)