Change Makers

If you would like me to guide you personally, watch your playing and correct you, give you focus and clarity without wasting time, effort and money, click to check out your options.

For beginners – Simplify songs you like

Kadhal rojave, En iniya examples. How to do it for other songs – overview – open string transpose

How to play Carnatic or Film songs Fluently like it is Sung?

… and change your playing and music ability for ever

You like playing Indian raga and film songs beyond mere hit and discrete sounds. Your dissatisfaction with available tabs and notes and playing methods is what made you look for specific Indian style methods.

This video will show you the approach, what to learn, what to practice, the learning steps, the learning goals… So that you will not be in a situation where You don’t know what you don’t know.



This video is A free 25 minute session with me (unedited).

Important aspects you need to know before you decide on a music path, a guitar course.
Unavoidable factors that will affect your progress, practice and musical journey.
What can kill your music learning from the beginning, stop you from continuing and progressing vs how you can solve each of those problems and make sure you are doing the best to learn towards the kind of music you want to play, jumping over the traps and hurdles.

Don’t get trapped in stagnant guitar practice. Don’t get stuck in the lowest learning steps for ever. Look for vertical growth and go beyond repertoire mediocrity. Take time to watch and benefit from my experience.


one correction to better connection and fluency

Take two minutes to watch this video. Or just watch one minute of this video.
One can play 100 songs in a mediocre manner or make one vertical skill change and get to a new level of playing. Often the changes are straightforward and minute. We need to know what to change, though.
are you completely satisfied with your fluency? if not you need this video. Don’t move to playing another song without this. 🙂