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This is the beginning of the first song in a series of songs you will hear from me. Guitar lead towards second half

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Detailed donation options & ‘rewards’

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Cancel anytime from your profile or just let us know – even if the payment goes through, I will refund. Of course no risk for you. 

$7 one time OR $7 each month– Get an email about the progress of the composition


$19 one time OR $19 each month – Be part of an FB group interaction (follow composing as insider / behind the screen, ask guitar doubts… )

$49 one time OR $49 each month– FB group

$99 one time OR $99 each month – FB Group


$199 one time OR $199 each month– FB Group + 1-1 private call (20 to 40 minutes)

$500 one time OR $500 each month – all the above + weekly 1-1 private call

$1000 one time OR $1000 each month– all the above + anytime chat contact

Note: I don’t have an Indian Bank account. Please use a converter to see INR and other values. The real value debited will depend on your bank and other services, beyond our control. 

The donations do not control creative decision, output quantity or quality. No promises because of donations other than mentioned above.