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An example video where Gnani teaches the Rumba rhythm. Listen to his fluency around the 40 second mark and the detailed explanation.

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My name is Gnananand. An engineer by degree, I chose music playing and teaching music to others as my work. Music helped me through the ups and downs of life, stayed with me as a reliable companion – I want the same for my students.

I have been teaching children and adults,  how to play Rhythm and chords on the guitar, Indian style music on standard tuned guitar and other related topics and fields like Chord melody, Fingerstyle, Finding notes and chords on your own, playing rhythm as accompaniment etc.

What students say:

hi sir, I want to start by saying a big “Thankyou” to Gnani Locherla Sir who has been training my daughter Diya Biju for the last 5 months. He has been an excellent tutor. My daughter joined as a beginner and in just 5 months she has learned a lot and can even play a few songs on her own. Her passion towards music has increased now and she never wants to skip any classes. She has started to carry her guitar wherever she goes. The follow up done by Gnani sir even after the classes by checking if she is practising or not is commendable as he brings the best out of her. He is very talented, patient and goes step by step to clarify the doubts. We are so grateful that we had enrolled her for the guitar classes with Gnani Sir. I am just waiting for my son to grow up a little and enrol him as well. Thank You once again. —-Sowmya Biju (Parent of Diya Biju of Grade 3)–FROM BANGLORE


“It’s easy to find a teacher for beginner lessons, but hard to find someone who can teach intermediate and advanced students as well. After 5-6 years of my guitar learning journey with 4 different teachers, I finally landed with you as my guitar guru, my teacher. Blessed to be trained under you. Thanks, Gnanachand for accepting me as your student. Always Best regards for you. ” —-Pankaj Dua FROM DELHI


“I have been learning guitar from Gnani sir for more than an year now. It has been a great learning experience for me so far. I was facing difficulty in learning and he kept me going by sharing various tips and tricks to get comfortable with the instrument. Now I have reached a stage where I only move forward. It’s all because of him. Thanks a lot for all your efforts, sir! —–Abhishek Paneri–FROM JAIPUR


“Amazing tutor and a wonderful person! He always insists on learning concepts, understanding music, rather than just make you learn some defined number of songs. Great to have him as my tutor. ” —–Chetna Chhawchharia–FROM BANGLORE


“There is nothing more or less to speak about Gnani and his method of making understand on Guitar to a Beginner or quite an experienced person like me in the related field. He doesn’t teach you guitar; He let you learn how to feel the very musical instrument and keeps the determination and enthusiasm of an Individual towards Guitar. He has a very rare and great approach towards playing the guitar and I’ve been seeing and learning the same from him for the last 17 months and it has been an outstanding journey. ” ——-Shomesh Mishra==FROM BUBANESWAR


“His teaching methodology is splendid. The way he tries to inject the subject is easily understandable to anyone regardless of where they are in their learning road map in Guitar. I would highly recommend to join him if you have a deep interest in Guitar/Music —– Rajesh–FROM GUNTUR


“He has a unique approach to connect guitar concepts, and it’s very instrumental in a way to understand the basic and advance topics. I have been practising with him for 1.5 years and I would say it has really benefitted me to grow interested in guitar playing and also in ‘knowing and playing’ and that’s important. He motivates to bring the best out of his students and presents with unique exposure to jamming as well. ” —Moitraya Chatterjee–FROM KOLKOTA


“Gnani is an excellent trainer and a very friendly person. You can freely talk to him and he guides you very well. He plays different tunes and songs beautifully which will motivate you to work hard. He will also help you learn whatever song you want to learn. ” — Saifuddin Dhankot—FROM MUMBAI

Contact Gnananand on Whatsapp: +91 79010 51947