Fundamentals – Play like sung + Rhythm chord

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You are here because (short version):

  • you are interested in playing Indian raga (carnatic) or film songs the way it is sung
  • you want to play Chords and rhythm for your favorite songs fluently and efficiently
  • slowly… be able to find notes and chords on your own, fingerstyle and chord melody, maybe even improvisation and composing…

You are an absolute beginner. You want to make sure that you are on the right path towards playing the exact music you want to play, the way you want to play it.
(If you have been playing for sometime, consider the options at . That way once you go through the basics, you can continue with the more customized curriculum without having to switch)

How you will benefit

  • access to the fundamental bundles. Use at your own pace.
  • corrections by sending me practice videos (mistakes and errors videos). I will be telling you exactly what to practice and send me, based on your current skill and future goals. It is not some random content. Your practice will be as best as possible since we will be going through your practice, seeing what needs to be corrected, what next to play
  • 1 or 2 group calls (based on the option you choose) – during which you can ask me questions real time, get clarity, meet other group members, watch them play, listen to their Q&A s and even play in the group if you wish to.

Please watch the below video to know how the course helps you to be a better musician and reach your individual goals and needs.

Beginner who wishes to have strong fundamentals, competencies and skills so that they can play with freedom in the future, without doubting their skills and talent.

Often, our talent and ability is questioned, (do I have the talent? am I too old?) while the real problem is: 1) lack of correct teaching material for your interests 2) lack of learning and teaching frameworks for our needs 3)teaching source’s lack of knowledge of underlying competencies, methods, techniques etc.

More practice will not make us better at playing even as a beginner. Generic methods will not get you to play Indian style music like it is sung, or rhythm chord like you may have seen in my videos. What will? Watch the video.

Get the advantages of 1-1 classes – custom corrections, individual guidance from Shyam, focused practice and growth – at a much lower price.

See options and pricing

In less than 2 months, I am learning to play film songs, geethams and even alai payudhe. This is more progress than i have ever made in the several years of trying to figure things out myself or trying to learn from other resources.” – Sarvesh, San Jose

  • you get instant access to core videos and material to grow your skills, methods and techniques (text book videos and material).
    • The moment you join, login and password is created automatically and you are logged in to access the courses included in Fundamentals. You can start learning in the next 5 minutes – no waiting time towards your goals.
  • your competencies and skills are given importance, so that you will be able to learn to play what you wish, the way it is meant to be. Quality of your playing and not just somehow more songs etc (quantity)
    • lifetime access to the Fundamentals material – no hurry. Beginner? Take your time.
  • options available for us to interact – to give you custom corrections and guidance, specific content given to you as recorded video based on your needs etc. 
    • send me 4 – 6 practice videos as part of this course.
    • 1 or 2 group calls – where you can ask me all questions directly, plus play in the group if you wish
    • This is in addition to the existing pre recorded content. You as an individual has unique needs, doubts, problems, growth paths – I will make sure you get them during the course.
    • once you join, write to me with details on your needs. I will give you detailed next steps to take, assess your playing if needed etc. You will be completely ready to go forward.

Learn what matters to you

To make sure that you have a successful, long lasting musical journey, learn to play the guitar while learning towards what matters to you.

  • no more youtube whirlpool,
  • no more adjusting and struggling with generic material that doesn’t cater to Indian style of playing,
  • no more guessing, trial and error, not making progress, ending up overwhelmed and frustrated…
  • no more questioning your talent and abilities (replaced with step by step deliberate practice taking your from where you are to the skills you want to have)

This offer includes:

You need competencies and skills, not quantity

Guitar basics that matter

  • as a beginner you don’t know what you don’t know. You are often taken advantage of OR you are not sure what path to pursue OR if that that path will lead you to what you want or who you want to be.
  • often your talent is doubted by you or your teacher, while the real problem is lack of frameworks, clear practice path, lack of ability from the teacher to give you custom guidance.
  • Guitar basics that matter takes care of your competencies and skills, not just quantity of songs one somehow plays
  • learn how to play connected notes, best practices like striking and pressing at the same time, finger positioning, up down strokes etc
  • so that with that vertical growth and confidence of correct methods, you can progress towards playing whatever it is that you want to pursue.

Indian Guitar First Steps

  • Indian guitar instruction is not easily available. When available it is not properly formulated, just content provided, often disjoint and lacking finesse and technique.
  • without connected playing, Indian songs do not sound authentic.
  • instead of playing 10 songs somehow without technique and method, start learning what matters so that you and those listening to you will start saying… well that sounds connected and like it is meant to.
  • learn the skills needed to play connected fluent phrases for Indian film songs or raga. Instead of playing just more, you will know what the underlying mechanics are for fluency and connectedness, a basic requirement for Indian style playing

Rhythm chord Basics

  • You are given the chords for a song, thinking that is the HOW. But that is just the WHAT in reality. How do you transition from Am to Em? Finger grouping, fingerpreparation, Pivot notes, Thumb position
  • Transition fluency is the basis of being able to play rhythm chords. The minimum needed skill with rhythm is to be able to play at least downstrokes in time, while changing chords, without breaking the train of time.
  • THat’s why you need step by step instruction on the subskills. Chord transition with underlying mechanics practiced. Downstroke and upstroke practice for rhythm hand automation and consistency (without this there is no practical rhythm playing)
  • Also in the process you learn the pattern based nature of guitar, how only 3 chord patterns are needed to play the seemingly infinite number of chords and chord variations (yes, it’s true).
  • How to connect the chords to the fretboard. That’s how I do chord improvisations like seen on Unusual Unpluggeds etc.
  • Learn the underlying skills, competencies, step by step, divided conveniently into subskills and progressive exercises.

When you join,

  • you don’t have to doubt yourself or your path anymore.
  • You don’t have to worry about playing many and lot, without quality.

Instead you will know

  • exactly what to do to play connected
  • what you are doing – understanding and underlying subskills
  • the best practices that will enable you to continue playing well into the future
  • the competencies and skills that will make you a real musician.
  • PLUS custom practice guidance from me using clear recorded point by point videos made to your unique needs and problems.

Know any better source? 🙂
See options and pricing

Just 1-1 calls? waste of money, time and effort

Just 1-1 calls are inefficient. Much time is wasted and the student is paying me to just watch them play and make mistakes.

I have been playing (since 1990, age 11) and teaching for a very long time. All the core material is already pre recorded and available + using videos students show me their progress, based on which I give them very specific corrections to be made and practiced.

Now with internet, education is error oriented, guidance and corrections are extremely effective, practice time and progress is optimized using deliberate practice.

We can use this fundamentals bundle to

  1. interact with each other using recorded video private corrections or 1-1 calls to work on songs or other material you specifically want help with
  2. use the knowledge base of videos etc you get access when you join, to improve your basic playing, Indian style playing fluency, rhythm chord continuity

This is a dynamic possibility, an option to interact and improve your playing based on your needs – not a static one size fit all.

How students have been using this course:

  • absolute beginner learning fundamentals correctly to play Indian style on guitar or master chords and rhythm the smart way
  • students who have been playing songs for sometime, wanting Indian style specific instruction and corrections that will help them master slides, hammer sons and pull offs, learn the methods needs to remove delay in their playing and make it sound like it is sung
  • rhythm chord correction, improvement – fingerstyle, understanding chords and rhythm, moving more towards mastery
  • film song corrections by sending me videos to which I give specific practice notes, what to focus, what to do next, how to make use of the time to get best results
  • carnatic interest – starting to play carnatic songs well
  • individual needs like I said, content is taken for granted. We work on skill improvement, the material that matters. use this as an option if you have wanted help from me in any matter improving your playing or music.

In short, join the course if you think I know what i am doing 🙂 I have been teaching and playing for a very long time – i have very specific error oriented methods for the most effective outcomes.

Solid Foundations: Focused Courses + Corrections from Shyam

Music learning and its continued success for you, is sensitively dependent on initial conditions. (regardless of butterfly wings, deterministic nature or chaos)

With the right content and effective teaching and learning methods, you will have the right beginning that determines the quality and future of your music playing and learning.

Whatever you do, learn towards playing the exact kind of music you want to play. That will make sure of your motivation, fun, feedback loop for self-correction, interest in deliberate practice to reduce any error gaps.

Use this offer

  • to learn the basics of guitar fretboard, playing etc – the very first notes and best practices
  • to learn basic Indian style moves for fluent playing
  • to learn how to do chord transitions and rhythm playing fluently by concentrating on the micro details of finger movement
  • to ask me doubts, show my your playing and get corrections from the foundations up
  • make your foundations strong
  • show you micro details to the best practices and to avoid errors that will hold you back forever
  • get you to the right mindset, thinking and patterns to look for

Have you wanted to ask me doubts? To get your playing corrected? To know what path you should follow? Here to help

What you get:

Interaction with me

Video corrections get corrections to your playing privately –  send me video recording of your playing – record with phone or laptop, share with me using youtube unlisted or google drive – i will correct your fingering, playing method, suggest you what to focus on.
You can send me film songs or Course material to get corrections.

Email corrections ask me doubts through email. Since I have to take care of my income related music and other work, time is limited. Students get corrections and doubt clearance and focus suggestions through email.

What Students says about video corrections:

Even though his classes itself detailed enough to learn and play , sometimes you may not identify your mistakes- some fine tunes – some tricks and tips – he gives after analysing your practice videos. That is extremely useful.


Guitar basics that matter

how to begin with music on the guitar, especially Indian music.
Starting from the very first hit.
I even play left handed to emulate a beginner’s experience.
Even if you are not a beginner you need to go through this to understand the fretboard logic as I have understood and teach.
How to remember the fretboard for Indian style music.
The string relations for easier phrasing later.
Note or swara to fretboard connection. Best practices with probably a lot of AHA moments for you.
Don’t try playing Indian music without this information

Indian Guitar First steps

basic moves of Indian style playing, explained in detail including checklists to make sure you can on your own know if you are playing the foundational moves correctly.
Solve usual problems fast and forever without frustration and wasting time.
List of points on continued practice to mastery of the basic building blocks essential to playing Indian raga or film songs fluently and efficiently on the guitar as it is sung. Without this module you don’t have the alphabets of Indian music on guitar.

This is the foundation for future Carnatic or Film song playing.

Note: NO film song is given inside the content. Film song tutorials are given for free on youtube channel and musicianself website. This course is to learn HOW to play what you want, well. Not limiting you to a particular song. Although, in the beginning, you can tell me some songs you like and I can tell you which ones you can try.

Detailed rhythm chord basics

This is a huge pain point. Knowing the chords will not make a you a good chord player. Without optimized movement your rhythm will always sound imperfect and amateur.
Changing chords involves so many finger level movements, each of which you have to optimize. That is the basis you have to master before you try any further rhythm and chord playing. Which finger groups should move together?
Which are the common fingers that should not move?
How do you prepare your fingers?
What does the thumb have to do with chords?
What does structural mechanics have to do with barre chords?
How to build substeps to move from open chords to barre chords smooth and sure?

You will be taught the needed open chords in a systematic way that enables smooth transitions. You get specific chord exercises, chord patterns and shapes etc.

Without this module you could be playing a 100 songs and chords, all disjoint and unsatisfying.

This is the foundation for future advanced chords and rhythm, finding and playing chords on guitar, fingerpicking and chord melody, play while sing etc…

Note: No song chords are given. This is about HOW to start playing chords well, regardless of songs.  You can in the beginning, let me know any songs you like and I can help you choose some that can help your playing.

This is NOT for you if

  • you are satisfied with the your Indian style fluency, you can do slides, hammer ons and pull offs fluently
  • or if you need no improvement with your open chord transitions at all

How many videos? How long?

We don’t like Rahman because he uses maximum number of instruments or because his songs are the longest. The best orchestra is not the one were the instruments weigh the maximum number of kilos.
We are looking for the quality and not just quantity. We want to make sure of your competencies and skills.
The videos and modules are as long as they have to be, but to the point to get the transformation.
I have been teaching and playing for a long time, that I know what you need to focus. I don’t need 15 minutes to beat around the bush. I save you time.
My intention is NOT to overwhelm you with 100 long videos to explain the basics.
Our intention is clarity. Simple, elegant, to the point. 
How long will it take you to master? There is enough work to do for a few weeks, for a beginner or advanced beginner. We may not know how long it will take you to mastery, but… the Good thing is, you will know exactly how to use your time. 


Included courses: 

  • Guitar basics that matter for fretboard knowledge & playing best practices
  • Indian guitar first steps for Slides, hammer-on & pull off skill growth
  • Rhythm Chord Basics – a micro detailed, step by step look into starting the necessary skill of efficient chord transitions and fluent rhythm playing

You have two months to submit your videos and get corrections (of course you can continue learning with me using continuity options). Why not longer? When you take this course, I want you to put it to action and gain from it. 2 months is a long time to give me videos, even if you are starting from zero. It will work.

After fundamentals course, or anytime, you have options to continue learning with me. We will be in touch once you join, so it can all be arranged.


Get clarity and skill growth. Get your playing corrected. Get unique practice point reviews.

Choose based on your interest:

Are you interested in both Indian guitar like sung and Rhythm Chord? Or you would like to focus on one of those?
Each option starts from ZERO, Guitar basics that matter + foundation course based on your interest.

  1. Choose option 01 if you are interested in BOTH playing Indian songs like it is sung (raga or film) AND playing rhythm and chords (3 main courses).
  2. Choose option 02 (indian guitar specialty) if you are primarily interested in playing Indian raga or film songs fluently like it is sung (2 main courses).
  3. Choose option 03 (rhythm chord speciality) if your main interest is in playing Rhythm and Chords, later fingerstyle or playing while singing etc (2 main courses).

Video corrections included in all the options, so that I can

  • watch your recorded playing mistakes, problems etc and
  • give you individual path and guidance just for your unique needs to make sure of practice clarity, sure and fast progress.

Huge difference when compared to practice on your own OR if you were guided by someone who is not specialized in our field.

Once you join I will be in touch asking for details, will give you a custom path for you to clearly follow towards developing your skills and competencies. You may also have the option to connect with fellow students with similar skill levels and interests. Also, you may have access to some of my associate teachers who teach beginners in case you will benefit from their perspectives. (many different bonuses)

Now… just click on one of the options and start accessing your content in 5 minutes. I am waiting for you, to help you with your progress, personalized guidance, just two clicks away 🙂

Option 01: Fundamentals Bundle Complete

  • 3 courses Lifetime access: Guitar basics that matter + Indian guitar first steps + Rhythm Chord basics
  • + 6 video corrections any time during the first 2 months.
  • + 2 group calls – 1 each month for 2 months. Q&A
  • Customized individual practice path and points unique to you, based on your needs and current level.

Want to have strong foundations in basics of Guitar + both Indian song playing & Rhythm – chord

Option 02: Fundamentals Bundle Indian Guitar like it is sung

  • 2 courses Lifetime access: Guitar basics that matter + Indian guitar first steps (life time access)
  • + 4 video corrections any time during the first 2 months.
  • + 1 group call during the 1st month
  • Customized individual practice path and points unique to you, based on your needs and current level.

Want to have strong foundations in basics of Guitar + Indian song playing

Option 03: Fundamentals Bundle Rhythm Chord

  • 2 courses Lifetime access: Guitar basics that matter + Rhythm Chord Basics (life time access)
  • + 4 video corrections any time during the first 2 months.
  • + 1 group call during the 1st month
  • Customized individual practice path and points unique to you, based on your needs and current level.

Want to have strong foundations in basics of Guitar + Rhythm – chord

Once you join, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the courses you have access to. You will also get emails (check spam in case and whitelist me) with the login and password unique to you. Just login and access your courses anytime – 24/7.
Email me at once you have joined, telling me your main goals, what you like to play finally and if you are a beginner or been playing for sometime. I will send you the custom path you could follow for best long term and short term results.

What after fundamentals? When you wish to continue learning, there are similarly priced options for content and interaction that you can continue with.


If it doesn’t work for you, there is no point.
I mean, the reason I give away free tutorials on youtube, with all details possible is so that you don’t struggle and get stuck.
So, naturally, if this doesn’t work for you for some reason, no questions asked refund.
Just let me know within 7 days of buying. You will get full refund.
(Please check the content and use it within 7 days and let me know, since I am unable to give a refund after 7 day period. Also, if you use the video correction option or calls, there won’t be a refund since I have spent my time, delivering what I promised)

Is it worth it?

  • would you rather waste time trying to figure out what you should practice, wondering if that is what you should be practising?
  • without a plan from someone who has done it themselves and guided 100s of others, will you be confident on your own to reach your goals?
  • this is not generic guitar instruction – it is directly for your goals in Indian guitar playing or rhythm chord playing. No compromise needed from you.
  • No wastage of time effort and money since you know for sure that whatever time is taken, you are using it to the best with focused deliberate practice methods.
  • My students learn in a few months what I couldn’t do in 3 years as I started. If I had this course when I started, I could build on them without confusion.
  • That is why I am offering this course to you. So that you don’t have to struggle and suffer with confusion instead can gain clarity and focus on what matters. 🙂

Our method

An example of modeling

Model the best game of a very good player.

Let us take a simple open chord change. From A minor to E minor. Traditional methods expect you to keep practising till fluency, without looking at the underlying moves.

In our method, chord learning is about transitions:

  • keeping finger close to string (even when not used)
  • minimal movement (based on common notes)
  • finger unit movement
  • pivot finger
  • the thumb emphasis

… we look at the micro details that actually result in a masterful playing.

(All this and more included in Rhythm Chord basics. If you like details and sure steps, you will love it.)

Teaching/learning success is in the details

Tell me, have you thought about it at this detail? Do you get the feeling now, why students have fast and sure progress with my method?

Imagine, instead if all you have is A minor and E minor chord patterns and finger positions and you are asked to practice on your own. YOU will never be able to figure out the elements of efficiency and fluency on your own.

I have been playing the guitar for 28+ years now and never met a teacher who taught these methods that can actually make changes in the student. They blamed talent instead. Imagine a teacher telling us we didn’t have the talent to write with a pencil…

Indian guitar style fluency

Similar to chords, Indian Guitar First Steps takes a detailed, step by step, checklist kind of approach  to make sure that nothing in the process of playing fluently is left to guesswork.

How to do slides, and the other two important moves?

  • Origin note
  • destination note
  • importance of in between notes
  • position of thumb

… it’s a festival for the real learner.

When I was a child, I was told… do the rub-play. They meant slide.

I am grateful to my teachers. I learnt mainly from performers who wouldn’t teach, but one could watch and learn.

And now that I have the details to the moves, the process, i want to share it with you and make it systematic, sure and easy to step into.

Unique content

You have watched my free youtube video tutorials.
You have watched me play songs and raga on the guitar, my Unusual Unpluggeds with rhythm and chord improvisations.

Tell me, will you get this kind of detailed, unique, learning affirming content from anywhere else?
Remember that it is not just notes that you will remember and repeat.

We are talking about micro steps within the overall moves and lessons.
The details that are usually skipped and left for students to try and err and be frustrated.

Interaction with me

This is the real value of the offer. You get corrections from me. Points that will make your playing better now and for the future.

At this time I am able to give corrections and guidance only students and members. I take time to make free youtube tutorials and information at musicianself. So, I need to make sure that I am using my time for my income work – income for myself and my family.

You can benefit from my 28+ years of playing this specific style of music and 17+ years of teaching experience in multiple fields. (I actively learn teaching and learning methods)

Based on the option you choose,
you have the option to get email corrections from me, get your path cleared up. Tell me your goals and skill level, and I will tell you what to focus on and what the path could be like for you. You could tell me about your favorite songs which you want to play and I can tell you how you may approach that.

get video corrections for your playing making sure you are not carrying any bad practices, making sure of learning the efficient methods that will help you play at your best. This is a BIG one. When I see you play your mistakes and problems, I can immediately see the corrections you can make. I will send them to you so that you will be playing better in no time and you won’t be carrying any bad habits over to the future.

How to send me video corrections? Just record with your mobile phone or laptop – just make sure I can see the fretboard and can hear the guitar play. Share with me. You can use the Unlisted option of Youtube – only person with a link will be able to watch it. (Youtube is available to you as part of your Gmail. Just go to

My 1-1 classes are limited due to time and other work restrictions.
But, you don’t need them when you can ask me doubts and get corrections from me without any problem from timezones or having to come online at a specific time in the night or early morning (I live in Germany).

Email corrections and video corrections are available ONLY for students and course members due to limited time and human limitations. They are not available separately.

The Value you get

You are getting the courses and different guidance options with me at a highly discounted price. I wanted you to make use of them, so, bundled the offers.

One – one skype classes are at $100 per 50 minutes. Video corrections and email corrections are not offered separately, and would cost you $50 each. The courses when sold separately will be $49 each for lifetime access.

Below you will see the prices you can get it all for, for a LIMITED TIME. Enjoy… and make use of.

7 days money back guarantee: no questions asked.

How will you benefit uniquely?

You are an individual. Our course is modular, for you to use based on your need.
Which of the following is your need/goal?

Example: interested in playing Indian Raga and Film songs

Use Guitar basics that Matter, then Indian Guitar First Steps.
If you are interested in Indian Raga style playing the way I do, you need the basics of guitar the way it matters to us + you need the basics moves thorough, so that you will know for yourself what you are doing wrong and can correct and improve.
With these resources, you can do that, starting now, immediately after you join.
With film songs, most of them are raga based. When they are not, still to get the vocal kind of fluency, you need to know the basic moves correctly so that you can build on them.
You can then move on to advanced material later.

Example: want to play chords and rhythm

A teacher who gives you chord patterns and where to press is essentially limiting themselves to a google search.
In Rhythm Chord Basics, we get into the details, like mentioned above on this page – the micro details.
You will learn all the fundamentals correctly while learning to transition between open chords fluently. It may take some time for you to take care of the details and practice  correctly, but if you weren’t into details and playing well, you wouldn’t be here.

Then the course moves on to showing sub steps before completely starting to do barre chords. We don’t go into details with barre chords – that is taken care of in Advanced courses.

Want to learn rhythm consciously and without break? Rhythm hand movement, chord transitions etc? Look no further. This is it.