Ragacourses PRIME Membership

One year OR Lifetime – you choose.

Queries? Want to know the path/course best for you? shyam@musicianself.com

  • you are interested in playing Indian raga (carnatic) or film songs the way it is sung
  • you want to play Chords and rhythm for your favorite songs fluently and efficiently
  • fingerstyle and chord melody

You could be a beginner or been playing for sometime.
You want to develop the skills to play the music you are interested in.

Face any of these problems?

  •  most of music teaching doesn’t teach what you want to finally play
    • doesn’t teach Indian style playing
    • wastes your time with abstract and generic exercises
    • restricts information to keep make you pay longer
    • you are not motivated, want to quit
  • you play notes, not music
    • stuck with no feeling of fluency
    • not sure what to practice to start feeling like a musician
    • want to play connected indian style, don’t know where to start
    • want to play rhythm and chords fluently, but stuck playing random patterns without learning the needed underlying mechanics
  • playing like a parrot
    • can play songs, notes, chords but no idea why they are being played
    • don’t know how to extend them to the next song
    • don’t know how the structures of music are connected
    • the teacher doesn’t seem to know that either or can’t teach you
  • trying different styles, but no progress
    • want to simplify and grow
    • want proven methods with step by step subskills practice
    • want to learn to find notes, chords, rhythm on your own

If you don’t have any of the problems, close the page, you don’t need me or my teaching.

If any of the above is true, you can learn to solve them, by knowing what the real reasons are, which details to focus, which steps to master in what sequence. 

We don’t teach every possible styles or music. We teach only what we are the experts at, with optimized processes that will give you surer and faster outcomes for your specific needs.

What is Included:

Complete, 1 year OR lifetime access to:

  • focused, actionable, Indian guitar and rhythm chord material
  • unlimited access to the prime courses – more than enough to start with in any of your interest
  • PLUS ONE 1-1 call with Sreenath (teacher trained in Shyam’s method) + 4 private recorded video corrections during the year.

Basics to advanced exercises and topics for every day practice

  • no more youtube whirlpool
  • attested curated focused material
  • have 5 minutes? just sit, practice, knowing you are in the right direction, spending your time well between life and work commitments
  • want to play Indian music? Learn guitar playing towards what you are really interested in instead of generic exercises that make you quit

Guitar basics

  • how to hold the guitar? What is the best angle and position?
  • plectrum or hand? what is the angle of contact? up and down or other?
  • what to start with? What is sustain and connected playing? Why is it important to play music instead of notes?
  • follow the best practices and be confident about your guitar playing
  • fingering exercises, finger freedom

Indian guitar basics

  • Progressing from being a note player to Indian style fluency techniques
  • sustained and connected playing techniques
  • basics of slide, hammer on and pull off
  • simple slide, hammer on, pull off exercises
  • checklists and best practices on executing the 3 basic indian guitar playing elements successfully
  • what is expected, how to progress further
  • finger level exercises, changes, understanding and corrections
  • usage of thumb and other fingers for repeated efficient slide playing

Rhythm Chord basics

  • smooth transitions using underlying mechanics
  • basic rhythms
  • finger change priority to prevent stuck chord change
  • common finger and finger group movement
  • automation of rhythm hand
  • conscious playing connecting the chord shapes to the root notes
  • pattern based understanding of chords – how you need to practice only 3 chords to generate all the other chords. Don’t waste your time learning different chords when they are all the same pattern.
  • basic chord theory. the patterns on paper

Guitar skill growth & Fluency

  • scales, notes, exercises
  • slide exercises
    •  2 notes, 3 notes different directions etc
  • hammer on pull off phrases and exercises, 
  • combination slide, hammer on, pull off exercises
  • real song phrases practice from simple to advanced 
  • raga phrases
  • techniques to remove delay and bring the song together


Rhythm chord exercises, patterns, methods

  • varied rhythm exercises in different timings and patterns. e.g. Detailed Rumba & other fingestyle + pick rhythm exercises
  • obsess on fluency, clarity, accent, regularity using underlying techniques
  • Monk style snare sound rhythm techniques, fret hand accenting
  • automated rhythm hand freedom exercises
  • Chord knowledge. e.g. using 4 note chords instead of basic triads
    • minor 7 instead of minor, major 7th or minor 7th instead of major and minor chords and more

Sing while rhythm

  • skills and subskills
    • why downstroke consistency matters
    • automated rhythm, lyrics entry points
    • dividing the basic to more rhythm patterns
  • syllable matching to downstrokes
  • simple rhythm variations to start syncing words and playing
  • exercises to improve independence and sync
  • what is lyrics offset, continuing rhythm after words, how to start singing before rhythm
  • the usual mistakes and corrections
  • time and rhythm division exercises to understand container rhythm and content phrases

Fingerstyle and Chord Melody exercises

  • thumb and finger freedom and independence exercises
  • TIMI RIMI method
  • speed development exercises
  • melody playing and then strumming, connecting the melody and rhythm chord
  • understanding melody and bassline relation
  • basic exercises extending chord to melody
  • harmony and melody connection and execution
  • rhythm and chord melody exercises
  • bass movements based on simple chords and fingerpicking
  • melody and bass line changing exercises 

Chord knowledge and practice

  • Smart chords – the only three patterns
  • deriving barre chords from open chords
  • 7th and other chords using basic pattern
  • root to chord connection to avoid rote memorization
  • more updates on the topic including various exercises to cover numerous situations

Ear training exercises

  •  Understanding intervals, interval training with assessments and quiz
  • Get rid of mechanical interval training, instead use real life song situations
  • Graded from 0 to more complex
  • Can also be used to train your singing
  • Separates relative note finding (relevant) from random absolute first note finding
  • Training using relevant phrases, note groups, immediate memory and recall

Carnatic lessons

  • Major to mayamalavagowla
  • level 01 Sreegananatha
  • Level 02 swara sreegananatha
  • Level 03 Lyrics version
  • Level 04 full Lyrics version with slide
  • Padumanabha, kereyaneeranu, Kundagowra, Varaveena, Kamalajathala, Mahaganapathim.
  • Further learning is better done with a teacher – request when time.

How it works:

  • Course videos, tabs, PDFs
  • video corrections
  •  instant access to core videos and material
  • The moment you join, login and password is created automatically and you are logged in to access the courses included in Fundamentals. You can start learning in the next 5 minutes
  • your competencies and skills are given importance, so that you will be able to learn to play what you wish, the way it is meant to be.
  • Quality of your playing and not just somehow more songs etc (quantity)
  • options available for us to interact – to give you custom corrections and guidance, specific content given to you as recorded video based on your needs etc. 
    • send 4 practice videos, get error oriented corrections, next steps based on your current skill and future goals as part of this course.
    • This is in addition to the existing pre recorded content. You as an individual has unique needs, doubts, problems, growth paths – we will make sure you get them during the course.
    • once you join, write to us with details on your needs. I will give you detailed next steps to take, assess your playing if needed etc. You will be completely ready to go forward.

Know any better source? 🙂

Who am I? 

Hello, My name is Shyam. You have seen my videos on youtube: shyammonk & musicianself where 100s  of detailed free videos and tutorials are given.
I live in Germany, work with composing and other music related work + instruction, teaching methods etc.
I have personally faced difficulties with available teaching methods when I started playing music when I was 11. Therefore I started building frameworks and methods that will help a student move from where they are to where they want to be, instead of generic try to fit all methods. Based on the student and their next 1%, based on errors and deliberate corrections, we move to your goal as fast as possible, while making sure the fundamentals and underlying mechanics are taken care of.
Why this offer?
I have spent decades to learn and teach this content this way. I want it to be available for as many as possible instead of behind big pay walls. So the content, course videos are made available at the price of a basic decent beginner guitar. Corrections etc that take the teachers’ time can be used by the student separately for separate fees, since time is a limited resource and music teachers need their fair income. If you have a guitar or plan to buy one, this content bundle should be an addon you will need to make use of the guitar.
  • no more youtube whirlpool,
  • no more adjusting and struggling with generic material that doesn’t cater to Indian style of playing,
  • no more guessing, trial and error, not making progress, ending up overwhelmed and frustrated…
  • no more questioning your talent and abilities (replaced with step by step deliberate practice taking your from where you are to the skills you want to have) 

Instead, strong fundamentals, competencies and skills so that you can play with freedom, without doubting your skills and talent. 

Once  you join, you will get emails with your login, password and access links automatically.
No automatic renewal – you can choose to continue after 1 year if you wish.

You can get more private corrections if you wish, when you want it directly by discussing with the teacher. 

In less than 2 months… This is more progress than i have ever made in the several years of trying to figure things out myself or trying to learn from other resources.” – Sarvesh, San Jose

What Students says about video corrections:

Even though Shyam’s videos itself are detailed enough to learn and play , sometimes you may not identify your mistakes- some fine tunes – some tricks and tips – the  teacher gives after analysing your practice videos. That is extremely useful.

Frustration vs Learning what matters to you

To make sure that you have a successful, long lasting musical journey, learn to play the guitar while learning towards what matters to you.

Often, our talent and ability is questioned(do I have the talent? am I too old?) while the real problem is: 1) lack of correct teaching material for your interests 2) lack of learning and teaching frameworks for our needs 3)teaching source’s lack of knowledge of underlying competencies, methods, techniques etc.

More practice will not make us better at playing even as a beginner. Generic methods will not get you to play Indian style music like it is sung, or rhythm chord like you may have seen in my videos.

Modular: based on your skill and goals, start from whichever course material as you wish, without restrictions. For specific needs use the teacher corrections.

One year access:

No automatic subscription. Extend after one year if you wish.

Whatsapp +91 828 1234 828 (googlepay) for INR transfer, bank details and doubts.

Life time Access:

  • Single fee to access courses in the membership now and in the future. 
  • Free guidance, consultation and recorded video corrections for the first year from joining.

We are here to help. Whatsapp +91 828 1234 828. Any problem, just let us know.

Once you join, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the courses. You will also get emails (check spam in case and whitelist me) with the login and password unique to you.

Email me at musicianself@gmail.com once you have joined, telling me your main goals, what you like to play finally and if you are a beginner or been playing for sometime. I will send you the custom path you could follow for best long term and short term results.

Not sure if it is right for you? Maybe we are NOT the right fit. Maybe we are the best to your music learning now and in the future. Till we test it, these are just hypotheses. Try it, test it, let us know through email: shyam@musicianself.com – refund is just a button click away. Also, you have a teacher access to make sure that  you get content specific to you – not just static. 


If this doesn’t work for you for some reason, Just let me know within 30 days of buying. You will get full refund.
I mean, the reason I give away free tutorials on youtube, with all details possible is so that you don’t struggle and get stuck.

(Please check the content and use it within 30 days and let me know, since I am unable to give a refund after 30 day period because of payment gateway restrictions. Also, if you use the video correction option or calls, there won’t be a refund since the teacher has spent time, delivering what was promised) 

Is it worth it?

  • would you rather waste time trying to figure out what you should practice, wondering if that is what you should be practising?
  • without a plan from someone who has done it themselves and guided 100s of others, will you be confident on your own to reach your goals?
  • this is not generic guitar instruction – it is directly for your goals in Indian guitar playing or rhythm chord playing. No compromise needed from you.
  • No wastage of time effort and money since you know for sure that whatever time is taken, you are using it to the best with focused deliberate practice methods.
  • My students learn in a few months what I couldn’t do in 3 years as I started. If I had this course when I started, I could build on them without confusion.
  • That is why I am offering this course to you. So that you don’t have to struggle and suffer with confusion instead can gain clarity and focus on what matters. 🙂

Our method

An example of modeling

Model the best game of a very good player.

Let us take a simple open chord change. From A minor to E minor. Traditional methods expect you to keep practising till fluency, without looking at the underlying moves.

In our method, chord learning is about transitions:

  • keeping finger close to string (even when not used)
  • minimal movement (based on common notes)
  • finger unit movement
  • pivot finger
  • the thumb emphasis

… we look at the micro details that actually result in a masterful playing.

(All this and more included in Rhythm Chord basics. If you like details and sure steps, you will love it.)

Teaching/learning success is in the details

I have been playing the guitar for 28+ years now and never met a teacher who taught these methods that can actually make changes in the student. Most blamed talent instead. Imagine a teacher telling us we didn’t have the talent to write with a pencil…

Unique content

You have watched my free youtube video tutorials.
You have watched me play songs and raga on the guitar, my Unusual Unpluggeds with rhythm and chord improvisations.

Tell me, will you get this kind of detailed, unique, learning affirming content from anywhere else?
Remember that it is not just notes that you will remember and repeat.

We are talking about micro steps within the overall moves and lessons.
The details that are usually skipped and left for students to try and err and be frustrated.

How to send video corrections? Just record with your mobile phone or laptop – just make sure I can see the fretboard and can hear the guitar play. Share with the teacher on Whatsapp or email. You can use the Unlisted option of Youtube – only person with a link will be able to watch it. (Youtube is available to you as part of your Gmail. Just go to youtube.com/upload)