Indian Guitar Option 02 | 697 or 200×4

  • A full year, 12 months, 366 days – you have direct access to corrections from me using private recorded videos
    • you know how we work with deliberate practice and get more results in 1 month what is often not done in 3 years –
    • focused error based practice instead of repeated note playing and hoping for improvement
    • playing notes is not the thing – then what is? Beyond a point, corrections are very individual – benefit from my experience not only playing but teaching for a very long time.
    • know EXACTLY what to practice and HOW

    Choose an option below for:
    Upto 25 minutes 1-1 call every 3 months | Custom content based on doubts and needs | 48 Private video corrections | Doubts clarification

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  • 4 1-1 calls through the year. 25 minutes. every 3 months. (usually available as 50 minutes for 100usd)
  • 48 private video corrections. Every month we have upto 4 recorded video corrections – sufficient, since my replies will have focused areas that you will need to practice
  • Basically no more waiting for 1-1 classes – content is given in the course or free on youtube. You get corrections and vertical skill growth by showing me your work on recorded videos at your convenience
  • Immediate and direct access to someone who can solve your music and practice problems. IMAGINE the improvement that will make in your progress.
  • discuss anything – film songs or other songs even ask for songs i haven’t done tutorial for. I will watch your video and tell you what could be corrected.
  • All the content on Indian Guitar and Carnatic guitar – lifetime access.
  • There is no tension anymore on your side – you have me . Did we have this kind of access to education before?Click to join and enjoy the advantages if you are serious about your music learning and don’t want to regret – you have the opportunity readily available.