Indian Guitar option 03 | 997 or 200×6

Remember, one could be playing notes for 12 years and still sound amateur and nowhere near how the music is meant to sound.

You won’t meet with this tragedy, because in our method, notes are just the very beginning. We have phases of practice. We have focused deliberate practice methods.

SOngs are projects that we use to learn methods and techniques while ending with a desirable end result. We have outcomes, lead and lag measures, clear practice points to make sure that you move from being a somehow note player to someone who can call themselves a musician, someone who when playing, others will know – well he sounds like it should.

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  • A full year, 12 months, 366 days – you have direct immediate access to me ANYTIME on skype chat.
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  • Every month we have upto 25 minutes call time.
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    • get a call back from me in 24 – 48 hours depending on if I am able to be online or not
  • Basically no more waiting for 1-1 classes
  • Immediate and direct access to someone who can solve your music and practice problems. IMAGINE the improvement that will make in your progress.
  • This is IN ADDITION TO unlimited recorded video corrections and feedback any month for 12 months
  • discuss anything – film songs or other songs even ask for songs i haven’t done tutorial for. I will watch your video and tell you what could be corrected.
  • All the content on Indian Guitar and Carnatic guitar – lifetime access.
  • THere is no tension anymore on your side – you have me just a message away, all the time! Did we have this kind of access to education before?Click to join and enjoy the advantages if you are serious about your music learning and don’t want to regret – you have the opportunity readily available.