Stop hitting notes, start being a musician

Questions?Write in detail to Are you a beginner or been playing for sometime? Is your main interest playing songs, ragas, chords, rhythm or fingerstyle. Due to the numbers, it’s impractical to get into a call. Over the years, I have structured the options so that if you tell me the details, I can guide you.

For USD9 (less than ₹700) start using ALL the RagacoursesTM courses + Group + Corrections!

See options and join

  • access Premium knowledge base (the course materials my students use)
  • single subscription, any topic (Indian guitar, rhythm & chords, film song corrections, Carnatic, fingerstyle & chord melody)- no need to pay extra
  • access and benefit from a few decades’ playing and teaching expertise  – what is missing in your playing? Let us Plan and Solve it
  • individual needs – specific song corrections, stuck points, problems, lack of progress. Not just pre recorded content
  • FB group to ask your doubts any time
  • option to send private videos for correction
  • option to get individualized corrections and practice material
  • access to like minded inviduals who can help you, share material and progress
  • option to come on group video calls and ask doubts ‘face-face’ with me
  • Note: 1-1 calls are rarely used for instruction as they are ineffective – guitar playing is transformational. Know in 1 minute what to practice, practice, get more. One hour of discussion or more exercises will not get you to your goal.


  • learn from a top level expert of the music genre & teaching methods. you have seen my tutorials and playing. I am an ex-IITian with expertise in the growing field of instruction and learning.
  • learn to play towards what you really want to finally play
  • learn using music that you are familiar with
  • like a GPS, no unwanted learning – direct from where you are skillwise, to your relevant goals
  • learn without leaving your home or office – no traffic
  • learn without content or time restriction – 24/7 content access, any time doubt clearance in group
  • no need to pay 1-1 money – no need to somehow finish the discussion without practising
  • no need to waste your time playing to a screen at odd hours
  • no need to worry if you will remember all that is taught
  • practice what is needed, come back for more – no need to pay for time. Pay for real progress only.
  • no need to confine your doubts to fixed times
  • use latest learning methods, not outdated and less efficient calls methods
  • no need to get confused with youtube whirlpool of videos
  • no need to keep playing with technique problems – know exactly what to correct, exactly what to practice in 5 minutes sessions
  • become a insider to our group – have intelligent conversations, smart discussions

Which topics?

You get access and corrections to ALL these topics for the single subscription

Learning is adaptive. We will see your current skill, chart out a clear path to your short and long term goals.

Immediate access to core material:

  • Indian guitar and Rhythm Chord fundamentals
  • Carnatic – Lambodara, Padumanabha, Varaveena, Mahaganapathim immediate access and more on request
  • How to find chords: Raga chords PDFs
  • Smart chord learning: Chord code PDFs

Custom corrections and content:

  • film or raga songs – doubt clearance, technique, note and delay corrections, fluency problems
  • fingerstyle playing and Chord melody arrangement of songs
  • rhythm + sing your favorite songs while playing guitar
  • You have watched my youtube channels – any questions or requests related to the kind of music we play in those channels. Have a custom need? Ask as soon as you join!

Film songs: Tutorials are given for free at . No waiting needed. Corrections, we do it within ragacourses membership. Take any song from my tutorials, play and show them for corrections. If any problem even starting a song, join and let me know. Making new song tutorials is based on educational value and my personal interest. Students can give me lists for the same, which I will prioritize.

How is it different from Indian guitar school courses? Indian guitar school courses are stand alone, detailed small steps without much interaction with me. The options on this page give you condensed core content used as material along with interaction with me.

The anatomy of learning

We are subsituting the less efficient, more expensive, per hour call model of corrections and custom guidance using this multifaceted better offer on this page. 

1-1 real time calls never worked for me to learn music. Last time I was a with a jazz teacher, what he showed me in the first 30 seconds was enough for me to practice before I could use anything else he wanted to teach. But, since it was a per hour lesson, I had to sit there somehow finishing the class, not remembering much of what else he showed me, and not able to play them since I had to practice the first step before the rest was useful.
I don’t like that happening to my students. In our case, I have recorded the core content. Students go through them at their pace, ask doubts, get underlying mechanics corrected, move to the next. Efficient and realistic.
As adults 
we don’t need someone to sit on the other side of the screen and make us practice. (For children, we can consider a group 1-1 call or similar so that they will practice.) Maybe we practice after work, maybe in the 15 minutes between dropping children to school and office. WE NEED flexibility. WE need to know what we can practice for 5 minutes, be able to post it for corrections and errors before moving on to the next.

Let go of time based education. Use skills as your road map. Like a GPS, from where you are to where you want to go, clear and efficient, without unnecessary clutter.

Even my traditional vocal and guitar teachers taught us only in groups. When it was my turn, I would show what I practice, get corrections, learn or record what next to do, go practice and come back. |
I have learnt guitar with exceptionally skilled performers. They too corrected or demonstrated based on questions, errors, mistakes – not somehow taking money for a time based class.
IT is not true that traditional music lessons were 1-1 per hour.

The cost of the monthly subscription is much lower than what one would pay for 45 minutes one on one session with me. Because of the number of requests, 1-1 became impractical. I had to find a better way than charging $100 for 45 minutes. With composition, arranging, instruction related work, family needs – time got very limited to help students.


This offer solves the problem:

  1. you have access to all of the courses I make, to each teaching content I make based on real life experience, from one on one and other students
  2. you get to ask me questions, clear your doubts, clarify your learner path, make fast and sure progress
  3. you can use the content repeatedly unlike with a regular teacher where after the class, the teacher is gone
  4. you can use it at your own pace
  5. you can choose what to learn based on your own goals and skill levels
  6. at a fraction of the price

This is the best way for you to learn from me. The material to start with and use for a few months is already there. + Content and corrections based on your needs, doubts, submissions.


I have spent a lifetime and 1000s of dollars to acquire the skills. How much would you like to have them for?

Option 01, the first 10 days are for $9 (approx ₹700) – immediate access to the course content, join the FB group and ask me doubts.
Haven’t you already gotten that much value from my free youtube tutorials?
Join and it will be like a $9 donation for value you already got 🙂 Support my work if you benefitted from it. Cancel anytime.

I do not have an Indian bank account, hence the US dollar numbers to avoid conversion confusion. Please use a currency converter to see INR values. To be safe, consider that the real values taken by your credit card or bank will be higher than what the converters show.

Option 1: FB group, anytime doubts, video submission and correction in the group
Option 2: PLUS skype text chat + 4 private video corrections
Option 3: PLUS private 1-1 real time call

Option 1: Get access to the courses + FB group learning

  • Immediate access to the course content. Choose and start based on your interest and your skill level.
    • Guitar Basics that Matter
    • Indian guitar fundamentals – slides and other techniques of fluency
    • Rhythm Chord fundamentals – transition optimization for connected playing
    • Carnatic geethams, Mahaganapathim…
    • Smart chord patterns, Finding chords on your own (pdf)
    • and other content based on your need
  • Access to the paid students only facebook private group 
    • ask any number of doubts, post your practice videos for corrections and guidance.
    • Shyam and other members will watch your video submissions, answer your questions and help you.
    • No need to wait for a particular day or time – anytime stuck with practice, ask a question, or post a video
    • See what others are doing, help & learn by giving feedback to other members.
    • Peer interaction and being able to see what others are doing motivates us and makes our learning faster and surer
    • Only paid students in the group – focused and safe group of exceptional humans
    • Be part of a likeminded community. Benefit from all our experience, knowledge, learning paths. It is a group of smart and caring individuals.
  • Even basic learning options and inexperienced teachers will charge you this minimum fees. When you choose this option, you get direct courses from me, direct corrections from me and other experienced players, all through the month – no waiting for fixed limited times. End the suffocation.
  • Cancellation is easy: Before each renewal you will get an email. Cancel or pause anytime from your profile area at – completely in your control. If any problem write an email and we will do it for you. 

Option 2: PLUS Private Video Corrections

  • everything from option 01
  • PLUS 4 times a month, send me practice videos and ask doubts privately, get corrections and practice steps. 1 – 3 days response time. Duration of the practice videos doesn’t matter as long as it is focused and within the scope of our learning.
  • PLUS One Group Q& A call each month (zoom video call, ‘face to face’ with Shyam)
  • The first 10 days is for USD19 and if you choose to continue, it is at USD49 per month.
    • during the first 10 days, you can send me 1 video (max 3 minutes) of your playing for correction, get next steps and path
    • you will have one group call (video, ‘face to face’ with Shyam)
  • Guitar is transformational, not just informational. Instead of wasting time trying to imbibe a lot of content, focus on errors.
    • Our error oriented deliberate corrections and practice will help you examine and better the underlying mechanics that will change the way you play anything.
    • DETAILED Core content + private video corrections will give you the material you can go through as many times you want and get better at your own practice time. (you have seen my youtube videos – it is all about details and under the hood techniques and methods)

Option 3: PLUS 1-1 call

  • everything from option 01 and 02 (FB group, Group video call)
  • PLUS Private 1-1 Video call (25 minutes) each month
    • I was charging $100 for 45 minutes private calls, now at a better price as part of a bigger educational bundle
    • most junior teachers charge $100 for 4 hours of class per month. Here you get direct corrections from me, no waiting for class time, no playing to the screen in odd hours.
    • 1-1 call is beneficial as part of the courses and group for corrections, path setting and not wasted as a way to give content
    • discuss, question and answer, paths, loose ends
    • mutually accepted time
  • PLUS Song tutorial requests 
    • making song tutorials take time – time taken away from work and family commitments
    • in the other two options, the student can use 100s of tutorials I make in my youtube channels to learn and get corrections
    • this option, your song tutorial requests will be worked on – you will get videos showing the notes on the fretboard and slow playalong.
    • Tabs will be made only for selective songs which I feel have evergreen and educational value
  • First 10 days: ONE 1-1 video call (25 minutes), ONE private video (5 minutes duration) submission for correction and guidance, access the content, join the group for Q & A, video posting and interaction.

NO RISK You will get reminder emails before each renewal. Complete cancellation control – click of a button cancel from your profile. No contracts.
Satisfaction guarantee, else ask for a refund within 7 days of each billing – no questions asked, you will get a full refund.

Instead of looking for a short term saving, join and see if it benefits you. Unless you have learned with me before, it is unlikely that you know the methods and its effectiveness to help reach your musical goals. It could save months or years of futile effort for you, thereby saving money, time and possibly your music playing interest in the long term.  Try?

Song tutorials: Students use the tutorials of songs I make in youtube channels. If you have any specific song requests, you can submit them – since they take my time away from income and family commitments, I cannot assure I will be able to make tutorials ONLY for songs which I feel have evergreen and educational value.

Which one are you?

Beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate… want to play songs, chords, rhythm… find chords…

You will get content and corrections for your needs based on your skill and goals for the single subscription.

Ultimately we want to be able to find melodies and chords on our own. Improvise and Compose. Play songs fluently, rhythm and chords, fingerstyle and chord melody.

There are skills and subskills associated with each goal and skill level.

Whatever your goals and skill level be, start from where you are, practice towards what you really want to play, especially using music that you are familiar with. 

BEGINNER Onboard without mistakes

Just got a guitar or is about to get a guitar? Use the guitar basics that matter section to know how to hold a guitar, what to do with your head tilt, how to use tuning relationships to your advantage and more. The very basic, smart guitar learning methods. Regularly record and show your playing to me or in the group, get error based corrections to improve as fast as you possibly can.

Beginner wanting to start Indian style playing? Use the guitar basics that matter section and then the introduction to indian guitar module to learn Indian guitar specific techniques to play beyond notes – connected playing, slides, fluency. Show your practice, get corrections on slides, Indian phrase combinations. Take a sample song and try its first few lines and submit recorded video for corrections. Learn how to avoid delay, better fingering and phrasing, where to play for best results, how it connects with raga, body level method corrections.

Want to start with chords and rhythm? I will show you the smart way. Patterns and guitar specific methods that reduces your learning time while learning in a way that makes sense, and is scalable. Rhythm basics and advanced topics will be discussed in the subscription area over time.


Been playing for sometime, and want to be better with Indian style playing fluency? Go through the course material, song tutorials. Ask your doubts, show your phrases. Get specific corrections on spots that you can improve. Understand underlying mechanics, practical theory, phrasing logic, fingering considerations that extend over anything you play. You need specific error oriented corrections – get it using the Group or private video submissions with me.

Want Carnatic specific teaching? Geethams, kritis, keerthanas videos are available and being updated over time.


Want to find chords on your own? Raga chords will take care of that. I will be expanding that with videos explaining the process with examples.

Ear training, playing rhythm and chord while singing etc. We are just starting.

Courses and Content

Starting from where you are, be the musician that you can be

Here are the topics and associated course content you have access to as part of your subscription:

Beginning to Play Guitar Well

Guitar That Matters

Indian Guitar Lead / Solo : Playing it like it is sung

Indian Guitar Foundations: First Steps to Fluency (Available – beginner to Indian guitar. Want to start playing Indian Raga or Film songs fluently and efficiently, learning the best methods)

Indian Guitar Skill Growth: Playing Indian raga and Film songs fluently and efficiently as it is sung (Takes you from beginner to advanced over time. Custom content based on your questions.)

Carnatic Geethams Bundle, Mahaganapathim (available)

Rhythm and Chords

The Chord Code (Available + custom corrections)

How to FIND chords ON YOUR OWN for ANY song, raga or scale (Available + custom corrections)

Rhythm Chord Fluency (ask for custom content)

Fingerstyle and Chord melody (ask for custom content)

Why all courses in one place?

In one to one classes, I used to ask the student about their interest. Based on their interest and their skill level, they get guidance from me without restrictions on the topic.

I wanted the same in a video based situation too. It was artificial to divide Chord courses and Rhythm courses. Many raga leads students wanted to learn chords too.

That is why this subscription method is a real solution with a lot of advantages. Please see the list of content below on this page.

You as a student can choose what you want to learn based on your interest and skills levels – no confusion or depending on someone else to decide the course for you. If you want to play lead like song is being sung, go to the courses in that topic, start from the basics or choose the videos based on your skill level. As simple as that.

To make it even easier, I do provide you with videos explaining the different learner paths one can take and which courses you may take.

You can start learning music with remembering and repeating, but then, as soon as possible, ascend to understanding what you are doing, being able to modify and adapt and improvise to your own needs… Being able to find melody and chords on your own ultimately.

I make videos out of real life questions that students ask, based on the learner paths students take. I want you to benefit from them immediately instead of them staying unused in my hard disk. Now we can.

You can cancel anytime. Maybe you want just chords. Use that part. Decide to stop? Do so, just let us know and you won’t be charged again. You can come back and continue anytime. Videos will be added constantly.

It is necessary to make sure the prerequisites are done before attempting the next level. This is necessary to prevent overwhelm, instead make sure the learning difficulty is just right.

Use according to your needs and skills.