Better 1-1 | Learn with Shyam

Custom Videos and Guidance, Focused Resources and Corrections

Use this option to get custom guidance, corrections, focused practice notes, relevant resources for any of your guitar or music learning goals.

You will benefit if want to

  • improve playing Film or other songs
  • working through Carnatic songs with corrections
  • playing chords for songs
  • fingerstyle and chord melody
  • learning to find songs on your own
  • finding chords for songs and ragas
  • singing and playing rhythm
  • any other custom need you have related to Indian music/guitar and rhythm – chords which you would usually try to learn or solve using just 1-1 classes

Method is simple: whatever your current skill level, you get learning material and corrections to move towards your goals, just like in any good customized music class with a teacher who understands your needs and guides you through your individual path.

The below videos will explain how you benefit based on your individual needs and efficient methods:


It’s like 1-1, made better using

  • competency and skill is made important instead of how long a class is (flipped classroom, Dr.Benjamin Bloom)
  • textbook videos and prepared material that save time and bring clarity – why wasted money, time and effort on core material that is already prepared and available?
  • recorded video corrections that avoid distraction and brings focus,
  • deliberate error oriented corrections and practice points
  • directly from an expert with 28+ years of playing experience and 20+ years teaching experience in this particular style of music.

You don’t have to waste time, energy, money on

  • uncurated learning material,
  • unnecessary 1-1 time spent showing your work or getting unfocused corrections when better efficient practice points can be done asynchronous using recorded student videos,
  • wait for the teacher every week – you have access to me during the whole time in one way or the other.

You have seen my youtube videos, tutorials, playing and explanations – you have proof that I know the stuff inside out and can teach it to you as best as possible, and if I am sincere and genuine about the outcomes.

Price options (See details below)

Prices start from an affordable USD49 per month including yearly plans that allow us to think and plan the learning for a longer span.
Any extra resources will be provided or can be bought and used on a need basis.
Included: Corrections including custom content to solve your problems or practice needs and guiding you to material that I have already published.(Details below with examples etc)

Whatever you would learn with me in a 1-1 setting, just made better using efficient hybrid learning methods and techniques.

1-1 Made better

our intention here is not hanging out with me and wasting time. Our important work is getting results for you. Over the years I have understood how that can be done best.

Progress is made using

  • already recorded tutorials from me,
  • custom corrections on student videos where the student shows me mistakes and problems (NOT perfect playing – the videos are to show mistakes, so that they can be corrected – different from performance videos)
  • doubt clearance using email and Skype chat (slowly all this will be transferred to a custom platform)

How it works

  • text book videos and other material are already prepared and available for you to start using anytime
  • students record videos to show their work, doubts etc. Doubts are also cleared using email and skype chat.
  • Shyam sends them text, audio, custom recorded video or other resources giving clear focused points on what exactly to practice next
  • no time waste while student shows their work, no time waste like in general 1-1 meetings,
  • clear recorded practice points that the student can clearly put to practice, even when practice time is 5 minutes
  • clarity unlike in 1-1 time based inefficiency where much time and energy is lost on unclear interactions.

Error oriented deliberate practice and results

I, Shyam have been playing and teaching for a very long time. I provide core material to be used as text book + corrections and guidance is given based on the students level, improving the best practices, techniques and methods, while moving them from where they are to what they really want to play.

This error oriented deliberate practice method is based on the best practices and techniques on how humans learn and practice effectively.

I have a BTech from IIT Madras (’98 batch joined AIR716). I practiced for the entrance exam from a small town in southern Kerala, self-learning using previous exam papers. I know a thing or two about practising what is relevant and how to get relevant results. 🙂

What are students using this Membership for?

Here are some examples.
Students are using this option like 1-1, just with advantages of pre-recorded material, asynchronous corrections, access to me all the time for doubts etc.

Beginner or intermediate

  • fundamental resources include Guitar basics that matter, Indian guitar first steps for slides and other playing elements, Rhythm chord basics for chord transitions from zero to barre chords etc
  • your doubts are corrected
  • song playing or chord videos are given by the student to me for review, based on which best practices are given from the beginning, specific exercises and practice points are suggested.

film songs fluency

  • Students who want to grow using Film songs or similar, have a plan of songs they want to get better at and play. We use those songs.
  • Student usually starts with my tutorial on youtube. When starting, if any doubts, they ask me for clarification. I tell them about the process and how we can plan the learning.
  • They play, show me a video to begin with. We improve the needed phases – notes are correct or slides are in place or delays to be removed etc…
  • Since the playing is shown mainly using videos, there is no distraction and there is clarity to what you need to do next – no small talk and unnecessary elements. Just clean clear practice points which you can watch as many times as you need.
  • The videos are meant to show me mistakes and problems. Not perfect playing. As we go through the work, we will see how we are improving, based on the recorded videos.

Songs on their own

  • only with feedback you will improve in this vertical
  • there are methods that can help you on the way
  • choosing songs, corrections are made using recorded videos.
  • details on how often and how to give the videos are provided for this specific vertical or goal
  • student shows attempt, get guided about correct notes, scales etc

Rhythm and chords, Chord melody, finding chords on your own, singing and play guitar

  • chord transitions,
  • patterns
  • melody and chord relations
  • rhythm efficiency, mutes, variations, continuity
  • singing while rhythm exercises
  • corrections are made on each subskill based on student skill and need.
  • student videos are reviewed, specific practice points and exercises custom made for the individual are given
  • whenever time permits, learn and record. get the corrections and practice at your time

What is meant by video corrections?

Using youtube unlisted or google photos or direct skype video share or google drive, you share with me a clip of your playing.
In the beginning often it is the C major scale which I want to see, with all the mistakes.
I tell you whether to focus on note correction, up down strokes, fingering, finger close to fretboard, strain or body awareness, what next to do, any song you could try in the context etc.
The most important part of learning is taken care of, clear and clean, without distraction in 3 minutes vs 50 minutes of confusion and ineffectiveness.

It works – else I wouldn’t go with this. I have converted my 1-1 classes also to video corrections because I found it better based on experience over the 500+ students I have brought results for over the past years.


I want results for you, once you are my student or member.

Choose your option



Your Text


(One year)

Or $49 per month

Submit 2 recorded videos per month for corrections, get text/audio/video response (0 to 3 days response time)

Get access to 

All ragacourses content (carnatic, indian guitar skill growth, rhythm chord mastery, others)


(One year - save $167)

Or $97 per month

Submit 4 recorded videos per month for corrections, get text/audio/video response (0 to 3 days response time)

Get access to 

- All ragacourses content  (carnatic, indian guitar skill growth, rhythm chord mastery, others.


(Super Pack)


per month

(cancel anytime - no annual fees)

Submit upto 8 recorded videos per month for corrections, get text/audio/video response (0 to 3 days response, but as quickly as possible)

Get access to 

All ragacourses content  (carnatic, indian guitar skill growth, rhythm chord mastery, others)

this option offers more number of videos for custom songs, tutorials etc

Cancel ANYTIME before renewal. FULL Refund within 30 days of payment if you haven’t used any corrections.
Automatic renewal – so you don’t need to do manually. A few days before renewal you will get notification. You need to cancel? you can just email me or do directly in your my account page.
If corrections have been used during the time, I won’t be able to do a refund since I have delivered what I promised, have spent my time for your benefit.

You will have access to the membership area content as long as you are a paid member. Carnatic, rhythm chord mastery, indian guitar skill growth or ANY resources I may upload.

You will also have me to guide you and correct you as long as you are a member – just like in any music class where you pay the teacher for their time and consultation.
Only, you and I will do it better with recorded content and focused corrections instead of wasting time hanging out doing random stuff.

The features and fees are kept so that I can actually do the corrections within human limitations of time, effort etc. Just take care of them on your side – keeping track of the submissions etc. My experience is that students who come to me are like friends who care – I don’t keep any unnecessary technical or strict restrictions.

The video corrections can be carried over (maximum 2 video submissions extra per month from your plan) and used during the year – so even if you are busy during some time and can’t do any work, you can continue to benefit.