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  • 1-1 classes are taken by a teacher trained in our method
  • (do a call) Give the details of our goal and current skill level
  • Shyam gives the syllabus and path best for you – scorecards, frameworks for sure progress in shortest time
  • Starts at Rs.2000 (Whatsapp +49 163 222 8094 for details)

Learn directly with Shyam

private video corrections: send practice videos and questions to my private Whatsapp, get personal corrections.

access all the courses:

– Indian style raga or film songs fluently like it is sung
– Rhythm and chords
– Fingerstyle and Chord Melody
– finding notes and chords on your own
– singing while playing rhythm
… or combinations and specific interests that you have watched me play or teach.

Wasted time energy money

No motivation = Quit Play towards music that matters to you. If you are used to and want to play Indian music, learn methods optimized for it.

Mismatched learning source = no results, you are told that you are not gifted, that it will just take time, keep doing the mechanical minimally incremental exercises…

It’s not the student’s fault Real reason: lack of clarity, framework, generic teachers and resources not used to effecting teaching methods like instruction scaffolding and error oriented deliberate practice

Learn what matters to you Don’t use generic exercises, unfamiliar songs and quit. Learn music by practising towards what matters to you, the music you are familiar with, want to play. Keeps you motivated + feedback loop of self correction and musicianship.

Yes… I’ve been there too. I was 11 when I started. I had time to watch and try, make mistakes and form my own methods. Most of my students don’t have that kind of time to experiment or lose on bad guitar teaching sources. I will shorten the time for you.

Student doesn’t know what they don’t know An experienced teacher can quickly assess what is missing compared to what is possible, give you a clear  path with regular practice steps. Example: Don’t learn the fretboard, learn patterns.

Correct technique and method Learn optimized techniques for fluency and efficiency from specialist teachers. If your teacher is not an instrument and style expert with results to show, your learning will suffer.


Unstuck The Youtube whirlpool sucks you in: you start with a video, waste time with no progress to show. Instead, with me, define your goals, have a GPS clarity.

Not a Parrot You don’t need spoon feeding. You are smarter than just remember and repeat methods. Results are in the underlying  mechanics.

GPS Where you are to where you want to be. Vertical skill growth + desired end result. We set goals and paths. With our method of deliberate practice, you will have measurable results.

Vertical deliberate skill growth Instead of playing 100 pieces mediocre, learn the underlying skills, get to the next level, start sounding like a musician. As a human, you have the right to go against all odds and try to reach your dreams and goals so that you won’t regret it. I will help you get to your next 1% of playing ability in the direction that matters to you.


Don’t be discouraged We fail, when enough effort is not taken to clearly see what your real goals are – most often we are stuck with local optimizations, struggling to win. Goal setting for your individual needs is unknown or unclear in most music learning options: in our case, we will have 3 month goals, specific vertical skill growth monitoring…

Age  Maybe you wanted to play music as a child, couldn’t, want to pursue now as an adult – after college or 35+ with a more settled life. You need a no-fluff direct path from your current level to specific goals.

Regardless of age, finger level modeling of a very good player’s method brings surer faster progress. Age, wisdom, experience – easier entry to frameworks and processes. Health benefits? You know.


What if I am a beginner? Syllabus is composed to your level. Learn raga style starting with simple exercises to advanced connected playing.
Chords? Learn transitions using simple chords, connect the body ability to barre chords and rhythms.

“But I’m an advanced player” If you are not yet where I am, join and send me a video of whatever you play or want to play. I will give  you step by step corrections or additions to get you to your goals. We can decide if you need 1-1 calls.

It could be delay reduction, note – swara – fretboard – scale understanding, feedback loops of learning and playing… It will be uniquely made for your journey.


Free youtube tutorials – next level

Have you already watched the free tutorials and videos given at and shyammonk?

The C major scale to raga video has been commented as a valuable bridge building resource. Film song detailed like it sung presents TABs and playing technique unavailable otherwise. I have been composing and arranging more these days – some of my original compositions are available on youtube too.

I have given as the platform allows. Here let us get to the next level.

How is it done: Efficient corrections

1-1 calls can be inefficient “Hello” “Hello” “How are you” … 10 minutes. “what do we play today? did  you practice” 10 minutes searching and showing. Problem: Teacher showing what to play instead of efficient rewatchable video. Somehow corrections without framework and consistency.
Better: thoughtful corrections based on proven processes and masterly core content.

I struggled with 1-1 call experts. Such fluff. Give me a video of 5 minutes and we learn better.

Focus on competencies vs time spend with teacher. Time based teacher access is a very old method that has no real life connection with skill acquisition. Instead we focus on a path for you, where you are, how you are progressing. Pay me for the results.

Exacty what to practice No need to sit after work in front of a screen, pay the teacher while you are playing to the screen. When you have time to practice, send me a practice video, get error oriented corrections which pin point exactly what to practice in your next practice session.

The core content is available in your membership

I have been teaching long enough to condense the core material that benefits my students, into videos with clear outcomes. You can access them as text book while we work together.

No need for a teacher to show on 1-1 call where you pay money for time. You have access to videos that show you the core parts based on my years of teaching and framework experience. The corrections and additions unique to you – I will record and send you.

You get content, You send me corrections and doubts
videos, tabs, audio, text chat…

My content video made for student needs
A student practice submission
Audio question and answer

Should you learn with me?

“Shyam customizes his teaching based on your interests and is patient with answering any questions you have. Within the spin of a year I was able to learn roughly a dozen Indian film songs starting from ground zero and learnt techniques to play any scale anywhere on the fret board.”

Hari Krish, California USA

“The purpose of teaching is to train a student’s intuition and thought process in the right direction. Shyam does a great job in this regard. His classes helped me understand music theory better and my playing improved within a short period of time.”

Maddela Avinash, San Jose, CA

“Your method of teaching simplifies the learning process. Instead of getting bogged down in “theory” of music, your approach of taking a song, learning it and thereby identifying key signatures of ragas through the song is outstanding.”

Balaji VenkatesanMilwaukee, Wisconsin

Can you really learn using asynchronous recorded video corrections?

More students as for asynchronous – recorded video submissions and corrections – instead of having to be online at a fixed time adjusting time zones and life commitments. My students learn how to use habit formation methods to find consistent time for practice.

In traditional vocal classes I used to attend, we would sit in a group, when it was the students turn we would sing, the teacher will correct and tell us what to do next. It takes 7 minutes to watch and tell you what to do next. More discussion, playing or singing wouldn’t add any value – just waste of student money.

Composing is the top skill in music execution. Teaching also has hierarchies. With my decades of conscious experience, I watch your playing video, taking careful time instead of random top of mind like in a call, give you corrections and paths.

Do error oriented deliberate practice. Guitar playing is transformation, not just information. Get what you need to practice, practice, come back and ask for the next.


A specialist guide

My name is Shyam. I have a BTech from the IIT Madras. I am good with learning & teaching fields including using technology to bring best outcomes.

Started playing our specific style of guitar 3 decades back when I was 11 years old.
Been teaching formally at least for around 1.5 decades.
I have the ability to analyze, sort and build frameworks that you will benefit from.

With me, get clear on what exactly to practice, out of the numerous possibilities & how to do it for the best results that matter to you.

1-1 time options are reduced because of composing, arranging and other core work. The quality of our instruction is kept high by making sure we go from where you are in skill level to exact outcomes you need. No compromise. 🙂


As children, when we studied music, we sat around the teacher, sang when the teacher called – show what was practiced, teacher tells the corrections and what next, go home, practice, come back. It took 7 minutes. Sitting longer in front of the teacher brings nothing.

We follow a similar optimized method with recorded video corrections.

  • corrections directly with me (Shyam). Submit anytime. I will respond usually on Tuesday and Friday.
  • any option – on joining, get immediate automatic full access to all ragacourses student only material. Login and password within 5 minutes.
  • price difference – number of corrections/ interactions per month. Send questions and doubts along with video submissions.

Choose what suits you:

(Click on one of the links to join. You will get an email from me about next steps. Problem?

2 video corrections per month

$49 per month (subscription)>>

4 video corrections monthly + 1/2 hour 1-1 call every month

$99 per month (subscription)>>

8 video corrections monthly + 2 x 1/2 hour 1-1 calls every month

$199 per month (subscription)>>

Results guarantee If we are not a good fit, get full refund of the first month – just let us know within the first 30 days. (
In fact, if I feel we are not a good fit and you don’t benefit, I will myself suggest and issue the refund. (There won’t be a refund if we already did video corrections – since I have delivered from my side. You can discontinue anytime).

Cancel or Pause anytime using the button in your profile. If you have already benefitted from my youtube videos, the amount you spend on a month of coaching is a no-brainer.

Cheaper options Let us say, my monthly fee is 6 times more expensive than a cheaper option.  Are you sure, for the money you spend, you will get at least the same results with that option in 6 months? Are they optimized to the music you want to play? How does their playing, teaching, content and clarity compare to what I offer?

New song tutorial requests  difficult: You can give me a song list – if a song is interesting to me too or has educational value, I can consider. Can’t promise due to work and life commitments. already has 100s of videos for us to start with.

Join & Try If you haven’t tried my teaching/learning method, it is unlikely that you will know how much you will benefit. Better to try the method.

Useful Q & A

What improves the efficiency of your practice time?

Knowing what to practice before you sit down to practice. Knowing what to write before writing improves the quality and word count of authors. Knowing what to record drastically changes the life of a composer. In my Uni, I knew a very high performer who would take 30 minutes to note down what he will study in the next 1 hour. I will help you know exactly what to practice.

Don’t learn the fretboard notes. Why?

Song is made of scales. Music is made of note patterns – requires the ability to see formations within the fretboard. Learning all the notes in a sequence has limited practical use. Patterns will save your playing. Ragas are scale patterns with raga rules. Will show you how.

Are you a teaching expert?

I have developed frameworks for teaching music and teaching in general, including very focused student perspective teaching product development. Since it takes much effort to construct, edit, reorder from the user point of view, it requires a very good product developer to combine teaching with results. You will benefit from my experience.

Did you really pass the IIT JEE?

From a small town in southern Kerala – too small for JEE coaching centres in 1998. Learning with old question paper guides. JEE 716. I know how to get results with minimal guidance. I just didn’t stop – neither should you. Will help.