Curated learning

Questions: (usually answered within 36 hours)

You could be a beginner or been playing for sometime. You want to play Indian music on the guitar: songs fluent like it is sung or rhythm & chords, chord melody…

Learn to play the guitar playing towards what you are familiar with, what made you interested in music in the first place, what you really want to play finally.

You have watched my videos and found them useful/interesting. You want to get to the next step:

  • benefit from clear corrections & practice steps
  • guidance on what exactly to practice
  • to be able to play what you like, without wasting time, money and effort.

How long will it take to master your goals?

That depends on your goals and current skill level.
But since we use error oriented deliberate practice (and NOT one size fit all generic exercises),

We make sure that whatever time, money, effort you spend, it is used as best as possible, like a GPS – from where you are to where you want to be. No fluff, purposeful learning and practice.

How is it done?

  • After understanding your current skill levels and goals, we will keep very clear short term goals for us to achieve through learning and practice.
  • I give you the content, you practice, show me what you have done, get corrections, next steps – we move from where you are now to where we want to be using a concrete syllabus custom made for you.

We use asynchronous recorded video submisions and correctoins We do not use 1-1 calls primarily for learning and corrections.

The reason: If we were doing a 1-1 call, listening to your playing, giving you corrections and next steps will be done within 7 minutes. An adult student can then practice on their own and come back for the next set of corrections and next steps. Any amount of further discussion, randomly spending the rest of the 1 hour class, practising in front of me etc is not going to improve your playing.

Just analyze the anatomy of usual 1-1 classes and you will know what I mean. My carnatic and guitar teachers taught us based on corrections instead of spending 1 hour somehow classes with us.

Progress is in the corrections. That is why, the corrections are to be sent to me as recorded videos. We won’t be wasting time and money pretending that a 1 hour 1-1 class is useful. In our case, we have very clear syllabus and path. We need to correct and move ahead with that. Time based payment is discouraged – learning and competency is the key.

If you are a younger student you may benefit from a teacher helping you through 1-1 classes, in which case, contact me ( and I will connect you with the correct teacher. 

Which topics can you learn?

Any topic that brought you to me. (see sample list below)

I will be personally telling you what you as an individual need to be practising to reach your unique goals based on your current skill level.
So, there is always discussion and deciding a learning path specific to you. It is not a set of recorded videos, trying to fit you into a generic set of courses.

Your interest could be:
– Indian style raga or film songs fluently like it is sung
– Rhythm and chords
– Fingerstyle and Chord Melody
– finding notes and chords on your own
– singing while playing rhythm
… or any other combinations and specific interest that you want to learn from me.

Once you join we will discuss and decide your personal curriculum. I will give you content, watch your practice videos and give corrections, tell you exactly what points to practice, the next steps.

This is how we do it:

I will be asking your specific goals: is it playing songs, playing chords or other skills? Which particular songs? What is success for you in the next 3 months?

Knowing your current skills: Any particular songs you have already tried? Send me a practice video.
Just starting? You will be given the basic steps you need to practice so that you can send me a video.

Next steps: From your video and based on your goals, we will decide our route, the next steps.

While playing specific curriculum,  you will be learning the underlying skills, the techniques and mechanics that you can use on other songs too. Songs are just tools, we use them to understand the errors we make, where we should correct: error oriented deliberate practice.

This can be done using the group option or private videos: your choice.

You get content, You send me corrections and doubts
E.g. with skype: videos, tabs, audio, text chat…

My content video made for student needs
A student practice submission
Audio question and answer
Tabs sharing


“Shyam customizes his teaching based on your interests and is patient with answering any questions you have. Within the spin of a year I was able to learn roughly a dozen Indian film songs starting from ground zero and learnt techniques to play any scale anywhere on the fret board.”

Hari Krish, California USA

“The purpose of teaching is to train a student’s intuition and thought process in the right direction. Shyam does a great job in this regard. His classes helped me understand music theory better and my playing improved within a short period of time.”

Maddela Avinash, San Jose, CA

“Your method of teaching simplifies the learning process. Instead of getting bogged down in “theory” of music, your approach of taking a song, learning it and thereby identifying key signatures of ragas through the song is outstanding.”

Balaji VenkatesanMilwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s not your fault if you have tried learning to play the guitar using generic exercises, unfamiliar songs and quit. We use Indian music, songs familiar to you. That helps you build the feedback loop needed for musicianship: how you are playing, compared to how it is meant to sound. This error gap is corrected using deliberate practice. Build that loss function 🙂

Systems thinking The secret is in the underlying mechanics. A song, a well executed performance you see is just a screenshot. The real learning is beneath the tip of the visible berg.
Often that part is kept hidden from you. You are just asked to look and remember and repeat. That keeps you dependent. That also keeps your playing mediocre regardless of if you play 10 or 100 songs.
We will stop that. Just take 2 songs, learn the principles of connectedness, sustain. Learn the logical fretboard relations to your advantage. Know that ‘advanced’ is just the basics well executed.

We do not waste time on giving you content. We focus on corrections, pin pointed practice, from where you are skill wise to your goals. Straight.

A specialist guide 🙂

My name is Shyam. I have a BTech from the IIT Madras. I am good with learning & teaching fields including using technology to bring best outcomes.

Started playing our specific style of guitar 3 decades back when I was 11 years old.
Been teaching formally at least for around 1.5 decades.
I have the ability to analyze, sort and build frameworks that you will benefit from. That is what I have done here for you, to your benefit.

Through access to me, you will have clarity on what exactly to do out of the numerous different possibilities. You will know exactly what to correct and do next.


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Always on Skype text chat

Cancel or Pause anytime using the button in your profile. Once you join, you have immediate access to the courses. You will get an email from me asking for details, call timing etc.


I guarantee detailed intrinsic improvement to your playing and outcomes that you want as long as you work with me and progress according to our path and corrections.

I myself will urge you to take a refund if I understand I am not the right person for you.


Components of our method:

Chat guidance. Anytime get answers.

Custom content and private tutorials

Video practice submissions and corrections


Shankar, an engineer from California says:

Avinash, another engineer from California says about why video recording corrections method works:

A student says:

I accidentally ran into Shyam’s free youtube lessons and subscribed to them. I was pleasantly surprised to received more foundation videos and guidance from Shyam’s team without charging a penny.

I joined Shyam’s music learning portal. In less than 2 months, I was learning to play film songs, geethams and even a keerthanai alai payudhe. This is more progress than i have ever made in the several years of trying to figure things out myself or trying to learn from other resources.

Shyam is a gifted musician and a teacher who knows precisely how to teach indian music on guitar in such a way that anyone with interest can start making progress very quickly. I am truly delighted to have started this musical journey through and becoming a student of Shyam Monk.
– Sarvesh, San Jose, California

Ragacourse membership access for FREE

I have been playing for 3 decades.
Been teaching formally for atleast 1.5 decades.
I am good with analysis, frameworks, product development.

I have condensed my years of expertise to core video content that is basic requirement for our styles of playing.
You can use them at your pace – no need to pay 1-1 money. You have me to ask doubts and get corrections.

Topics in the membership vault include:
First touch – the very beginnings
Guitar basics that matter
Rhythm chord basics
Indian guitar first steps
Indian guitar skill growth
Rhythm Chord Mastery
Specializations and electives:
Sing + chords
Fingerstyle and chord melody
Ear training
Finding chords on your own

This is in addition to the private tutorials and custom content you get as a student who interacts with me.

Manju was working intensely on finding notes on his own, a tough task. Now he has started his own youtube channel and is on his way to complete independence:

I thank my students for bringing me joy:


Video recording improves self assessment

Balaji, who is a 1-1 skype student since 5 years, who also does video corrections says about why video corrections are beneficial for even self assessment and correction:

Outcome oriented

Your Learning progress has a GPS

And he thinks the following about our method:


Now it is your turn to change the way you approach music learning and change the way you play.