Raga Malahari Lyrics from Swaras | Erasing Hits, Extending vowels

Playing Films songs or Carnatic, knowing how the sound moves have clear scale notes beneath it, how the raga moves are given by the swaras, how we choose to hit or slide… all make your ability to play detailed music consciously, better.

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Below are the complete Lyrics slides TAB


Here are the complete swara slides of Kundagowra. Compare it with the complete Lyrics slides given above, to understand how we have erased the hits and absorbed vowels into the hits of the preceding Consonants.


Here is the fret/string positions of Raga mayamalavagowla, the parent of Raga Malahari, when considering C as the Sa, or in other words, using the C pitch. We use these fret string positions when playing Raga Malahari songs or Raga Mayamalavagowla songs or any songs which are based on derivatives of Raga Mayamalavagowla. Note the regular octave, higher and lower octave markings.