The major scale to Raga Shankarabharanam

The below video was published on Youtube. Since I was told that the scale to Raga connection as explained in this video made the topic clear to understand, I am including it here as part of understanding the connection between scales, Ragas, western guitar notes to connected slides etc.


Please remember that this is one way of connecting the notes. Depending on the needs one can play more elaborate slides for some notes or reduce the embellishments to fit in a song. How that is done is learnt while playing and learning specific songs in the raga.


If you would like to try the C major scale (or revise if you already know) in a few different positions, please use the below video.

Important takeaways:

Realizing how the same notes can be played at different positions,

How scales are patterns, not to be learnt separately, but in a connected manner

The 5 fret major scale pattern is useful to practice, since in our Indian style playing, wide fingering and a bit of stretch are part of the playing, when trying for efficiency and fluency.




A look at converting them to raga

Using string relations to rearrange



all the different options


The C major scale observing best practices

2 strings version

Optional: 3 5th string versions