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The guitar basics course can be bought independently. All the other courses, please use one of the options above.

Beginner’s Guide

Fundamentals Bundle

Introduction to Indian Guitar – First Steps to Fluency

Rhythm Chord Basics | Beginning to play chords and rhythm

Playing Songs Better


12 in 1 Beginner simple version film songs

Indian Guitar Skill Growth

Fluency Mechanics for the Indian Guitar | Slide, Hammer on, Pull off exercises

Play by Ear Exercises | Finding song notes on your own

Vandemataram | From Basics to Slides | lessons with tabs

Rhythm Chord Mastery

Fingerpicking and Chord Melody Exercises 01

Raga & Improvisation

Raga Chord | How to find Chords on your own for ANY song, raga or scale


Please start with the Terms and Jargons section if you would like to understand how raga terms connect with western notes and guitar.
Start your carnatic practice with Sree Gananaatha, go through the different steps and then attempt the others.


1st Carnatic Geetham: Sree Gananaatha – Lambodara – Raga Malahari

Padumanabha Malahari Geetham – Full fledged raga slides

Carnatic Geetham Varaveena | Raga Mohanam | Major pentatonic scale notes

Raga Kalyani | Kamalajaathala Geetham (Lydian/Yaman scale notes)

Thillana in Dhanshri | Geethadu (Swathithirunal)