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Where to start or what to learn next?

Absolute beginner. Just bought your guitar. Planning to buy your guitar. Been playing for sometime, but, want to learn the basic patters and best practices I use and teach: Guitar Basics that Matters

Want to start playing Indian guitar for raga or film songs: Indian Guitar First steps to fluency

Want to continue with Indian guitar playing. Already can do basic moves well: Indian Guitar Skill Growth

Want to start playing traditional carnatic compositions: Lambodara

Want to start finding chords for songs, ragas on your own: Raga Chords

Want to understand chord patterns, naming etc: Chord Code

Click here to go to the Carnatic section

Welcome! Start here


Rhythm Chord Basics | Beginning to play chords and rhythm

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Indian Guitar Skill

Introduction to Indian Guitar – First Steps to Fluency

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Chord Mastery

Raga Chord | How to find Chords on your own for ANY song, raga or scale

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Please start with the Terms and Jargons section if you would like to understand how raga terms connect with western notes and guitar.
Start your carnatic practice with Sree Gananaatha, go through the different steps and then attempt the others. 

Carnatic Geetham Varaveena | Raga Mohanam | Major pentatonic scale notes

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Raga Kalyani | Kamalajaathala Geetham (Lydian/Yaman scale notes)

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1st Carnatic Geetham: Sree Gananaatha – Lambodara – Raga Malahari

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Krithis ++

To be updated with Mahaganapathim, Bantureethi, Kurai onrum and many more

Krishna Nee Begane Baaro | Raga Lead on Guitar

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Thillana in Dhanshri | Geethadu (Swathithirunal)

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Recent Updates

  • May, June : Indian guitar skill growth, singing and playing guitar
  • 24 April: Sing while Rhythm and Chords course
  • 11 Mar: Varaveena Lyrics version playalong. Raga Kalyani/Yaman/Lydian Geetham Kamalajaathala 
  • 25 Jan: Rhythm Guitar Basics – Barre chords transitions, Raga chords – same note different chords, Chord Code – Open chords patterns on guitar
  • Jan 1 – 7: Carnatic geetham varaveena – for raga and indian style playing. Raga chords lessons using Reethigowlai. Indian guitar skill growth videos.
  • 21 Dec – 24 Dec Raga Chords: Powerful Patterns to find simple major and minor chords for ANY song/raga etc: Lessons with Sub topics
  • 15 Dec: Rhythm chord basics to begin playing rhythm and chords with strong foundations: the minimum desirable skill you need to focus on practising, when you want rhythm chord ability

Coming soon

  • more Chord Rhythm Basics
  • improvisation with raga and chords
  • Indian style guitar different problems and solutions
  • Ear training section
  • Chord melody section
  • Videos in the Raga chords section, showing numerous examples of how to find chords for songs, ragas etc
  • More geethams and carnatic 
  • how to sing while playing the rhythm guitar