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1. Fundamentals Bundle: Absolute and advanced beginner  (open for registration now)

    • Just beginning? You want a clear path from zero to quality playing without confusion, making sure of learning the best practices and fundamentals properly so that you can confidently continue with your learning and playing.
    • Been playing for sometime but not happy with song playing fluency OR rhythm chord continuity? Learn the skills needed to play connected at note level, slide level, connected phrases. Learn to do transitions well, learning the underlying mechanics.
    • Get Guitar basics that matter, Indian guitar first steps, Rhythm chord basics – competencies and skills to make you a confident guitar player
    • Own the three courses content and use at your own pace

2. Better 1-1 + Membership access to Courses| Direct learning with Shyam – custom material, focused practice paths, corrections and guidance Looking for 1-1 classes with me? This is better.

    • Continued option to learn songs, chords, find notes for songs, individual corrections, your custom needs like in 1-1.
    • Membership access to core course content – use on your needs
    • Grow and scale in your abilities, with continuous feedback from the expert (no need to wait for weekly classes) – keeps you accountable, keeps you away from confusion, brings clarity and speed to your musicianship progress.

Specific Topic courses:

  1. Complete Carnatic and Indian Style Playing Library Lifetime access + Guidance (Lifetime access option, monthly payment)
  2. Want to learn to find chords on my own for ANY raga, songs, scale… (slightly advanced theory)

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Fundamentals Bundle

Introduction to Indian Guitar – First Steps to Fluency

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Rhythm Chord Basics | Beginning to play chords and rhythm

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Membership access | Better 1-1

The below content is accessible as a member to ragacourses. See the details here to join
You need just one login to access all the material at your own pace. It includes corrections etc too. See the link for more details. Once you join, just login and you will see that you are enrolled to all the courses on this page that is part of membership.

Indian Guitar Skill

Chord Mastery

Raga Chord | How to find Chords on your own for ANY song, raga or scale

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Please start with the Terms and Jargons section if you would like to understand how raga terms connect with western notes and guitar.
Start your carnatic practice with Sree Gananaatha, go through the different steps and then attempt the others.

1st Carnatic Geetham: Sree Gananaatha – Lambodara – Raga Malahari

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Padumanabha Malahari Geetham – Full fledged raga slides

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Carnatic Geetham Varaveena | Raga Mohanam | Major pentatonic scale notes

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Raga Kalyani | Kamalajaathala Geetham (Lydian/Yaman scale notes)

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Krithis ++

To be updated with Mahaganapathim, Bantureethi, Kurai onrum and many more

Krishna Nee Begane Baaro | Raga Lead on Guitar

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Thillana in Dhanshri | Geethadu (Swathithirunal)

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