3 months fluency (students)

Will regular real time video calls help with practice?

If you are an existing student who would like to have monthly formal calls, this option is for you.
We will have monthly 1-1 private calls. And group class hours for some peer time, questions, doubts.
This is based on request from students, for motivation, accountability, clarity.

How is it done?

Clarity calls monthly once or twice (see options below) with Shyam to assess your needs and bring sure and fast progress
Group video class calls 3 times monthly for real time question answer sessions and doubts, peer learning

  • 2 Saturdays German time 6pm/9am PST/12am EST/10.30pm IST
  • one Sunday morning 6am German/9pm PST/12.30 IST)
  • Times can be adjusted if the group needs so
  • attend all or some of the calls

In addition to what we are already doing as an existing student:
individual content and tutorials from Shyam based on your need, skills, doubts
structured video corrections, clear practice points ready to use: made specifically for you
any time text chat support directly from Shyam. No need to wait – ask and clarify any time
full access to existing Ragacourses content – Basics, Rhythm chord, Indian guitar, Carnatic

Shankar, California says:

Avinash, California says:

Manju was working intensely on finding notes on his own. He has started his own youtube channel and is on his way to complete independence:

I have nothing better to offer

This is THE ultimate training I can offer. Custom content, real time calls, anytime doubt clearance, corrections just for you, making sure you are practising well and to the point…

You have chat access to get corrections any time you want. Have a doubt? Text me. You will get a text/audio/video response specifically to address your problem or doubt.

Along with that this gives us 1-1 real time calls and group class time for accountability, clarity, motivation.

I thank my students for bringing me joy:


Options to work together

Below are two options for us to work together and bring outcomes for the next 3 months.
Why 3 months:
– 3 months gives us the chance to plan and execute something substantial, bring relevant change and progress
– it will be a waste of student money if someone doesn’t continue practice. Accountability is better when there is a 3 month period
– if I open up just 1-1 call slots, it will be at $50 or $75 per 25 minutes. But with this 3month option, I am able to give group calls + 1-1 calls for a similar or lower investment

If you are already enrolled as a student, we can either pause it for the time being OR add this 3 month option to it. As you wish. Just let me know – will do it from my admin. After or during the 3 month period you have freedom to choose what to do next.


($297 for 3 months)
3 private 1-1 calls | video corrections | group calls 

  • video corrections
  • 1 x 25 minutes real time Clarity calls each month (German time 6am till 6pm – we will find a mutual time)
  • 3 small group calls every month (Zoom)
    • 3 each month
    • ask me anything. clear your doubts. listen to other answers. interact with others and me
    • Saturdays? Sundays German time 6pm/9am PST/12am EST
  • Skype text chat doubt clearance etc like we are doing. Ask me anything, get quick responses to help you continue with practice.

If I open up just 1-1 skype calls, it will be at $50 or $75 per 25 minutes. The above options let us do calls and 4 group calls at a similar or lower investment every month for 3 months.


I guarantee detailed intrinsic improvement to your playing and outcomes that you want as long as you work with me and progress according to our path and corrections.

Anytime within the first 10 days if you don’t wish to continue, I will give you a complete refund. We are anyway connected on Skype and email.

I myself will urge you to take a refund if I understand I am not the right person for you.

What after this course?
After the 3 months of working together, you can also then choose to continue getting corrections from me using available options. You can decide it then if you need to.