Starting to play songs from swaras / notes

  1. playing the C major scale – which is basic press and strike
  2. from the C major scale, one can build all the other scales if we know which notes to change
  3. based on the note we change, we have a new scale and associated parent raga and derivative ragas, which forms the basis of any song
  4. in fact if you can start noting down which notes are used in a song and which definitely not, then you have the scale information. It is as simple as that.
  5. The scale, the notes we need to change, the notes within a scale can be shown by different systems of terms or note naming.
    1. tfm page example and carnatic term naming – shown in a following video
    2. shivkumar example – again carnatic naming shown a coming video
    3. keylessonline notes to guitar – use the app, or just use a fretboard. we can shift notes from one string to the other by simple +4/+5 shown in a coming video
    4. the interval naming method explained – link to the page with interval naming for all 12 pitches. the big/small or shuddh/komal/theevra terminology
    5. Tone semitone method of skips – how to use that to remember scale patterns
  6. In the coming videos I will show you the terminologies we saw and how you can use them to map swaras or notes on to the standard tuned guitar fretboard. Knowing this makes you better at he OS of standard tuned guitar. Makes you able to easily and without doubt find S R G M on the guitar for any pitch. Or big/small or hindustani naming convention on the guitar. + be able to shift the notes as you want. Also remember to check the app. Even the free version gives a few ragas. And you can use the chromatic scale to shift the root anywhere to see how the S R G M or interval naming shifts.
  7. Also included: pattern mastery – major scale, minor scale, any scale – link to the page.