Rhythm Chord Bundle

The course Rhythm Chord Bundle helps you to understand chord and rhythm related elements that you must know while playing rhythm chord on guitar. The bundle includes the courses listed below :

  • Guitar Basics that Matter

For beginners to guitar and for advanced beginners who want to make sure best practices are followed.  Advanced playing is possible when the basic technique is executed without doubt, without disturbances and bottle necks.
Learn the fundamentals aligned to your goals – Indian style music on guitar. Avoid rote memorizing the fretboard, learn patterns instead.
Avoid inefficient playing techniques – correct your posture, fingers and arm movement, playing efficiency right from the beginning.

  • Rhythm Chord Basics

You don’t need a teacher to show you chord images. Google search is enough.
But, want fluent rhythm and chord playing? Focus on the transitions.
I have analyzed the transition movements – finger groups, minimal moves, intermediate steps from open to barre.
Use these smart solutions to avoid frustration, ensure time and effort well spent. Learn the importance of starting with correct downstrokes, learning the moves beneath the hood, taking a systematic approach from open chords to barre chords.

  • Rhythm Chord Fluency

Automated rhythm hand. Smooth intelligent transition moves. Underlying mechanics to reduce the time you take to go from 0 to be a consistent rhythm chord player.

  • The chord code

The chord code covers most used and essential chord patterns , chord names and the fretboard mastery. Formations of chords by understanding the root notes.

  • Chord Melody and fingerstyle exercises

Fingerstyle rich playing using song notes and chords at the same time. Better sound when playing alone. 0 to Higher skill level exercises. Right hand basic pattern with adding the melody notes on chord shapes.

  • Sing + rhythm

Play with family and friends? You play the rhythm while you sing or accompany. How to sync and not go awkwardly out of rhythm? Rhythm hand automation, chord techniques.