Carnatic Bundle

The Carnatic Bundle includes lessons  for the following :

  • Terms , Melakarta etc

some videos explaining the terms, Melakarta system etc using the guitar. You will find this useful while connecting western notes and scales to ragas and also connecting ragas to the guitar.


  • Sree Gananatha – Lambodara – Raga Malahari

want to try something new on the guitar? This course will help you connect your existing scale knowledge to enter to the world of ragas. You want to learn to play Carnatic in general, on the guitar, this is a very good starting point.

  • Padumanabha – Raga Malahari

In this course we will look at the swara and lyrics variations of the Padumanabha Geetham. Basic understanding of the raga Malahari, how to connect it with swaras and lyrics on the guitar is assumed, learned using the lambodara geetham course.

  • Varaveena – Raga Mohanam

Varaveena Geetham is a beautiful carnatic composition in raga Mohanam that can be derived fby adding proper slides on the major pentatonic scale.Faster moves and slightly more involved slides. Taking your skill level one step higher.

  • Kamalajaathala – Raga Kalyani

Raga kalyani can be played using the notes of the lydian mode or scale. compare the major scale with the lydian scale, learn the swara moves of raga kalyani, learn the fingering and phrasing required to play it on the guitar.


  • Thillana – Geethadu – Raga Dhanasree

An exceptionally beautiful composition by the extraordinary Sri Swathi Thirunal. Emphasis is also on the rhythm side of playing.

  • Maha Ganapathim -Raga Nattai

Maha Ganapathim is a famous composition on raga Nattai.The course includes the lessons to learn the complete Maha Ganapathim kriti.