Clear Basics | Fundamentals Bundle

Guitar basics that matter

Beginner to guitar? Avoid youtube whirlpool, learn correct methods and techniques, ensure lifelong progress.
Learn the fundamentals aligned to your goals – Indian style music on guitar. Avoid rote memorizing the fretboard, learn patterns instead.
Avoid inefficient playing techniques – correct your posture, fingers and arm movement, playing efficiency right from the beginning.

Indian guitar first steps

Your first slides, hammer ons and pull offs – essential Indian guitar fluency moves explained with checklist of how to get them right, right from the beginning.
Interested in Indian style playing? Want to sound like it is sung, instead of disjoint notes?
When you see me playing long phrases and fluent moves that may look advanced, I am just using these fundamental moves, just practiced well to remove delays. Learn them.

Rhythm chord basics

Chord patterns? You don’t need me. Google search is enough.
But, want fluent rhythm and chord playing? Focus on the transitions.
I have analyzed the transition movements – finger groups, minimal moves, intermediate steps from open to barre.
Use these smart solutions to avoid frustration, ensure time and effort well spent.

[Bonus] First Carnatic Geetham

If you want to start playing Carnatic songs, this is THE course. Standard tuned guitar – no changes required.

  • Logical approach: major scale to mayamalavagowla scale to the raga
  • Fretboard moves derived from the swara sheet based on raga ascend and descend
  • Swara and lyrics version differences in detail

Not just remember and repeat the song. How to integrate the guitar fretboard and the carnatic music theory and practice.

You will not just learn the most popular carnatic song every student needs to learn. You will also learn the underlying methods to further your repertoire, use the theory and practice to play the next carnatic songs.

Instead of random slide moves, you will know exactly what to slide, how slides work in Indian music. Since raga music is the basis of Indian popular songs, Carnatic understanding gives you the ability to play Indian songs with understanding.

  • 30 days guarantee. Write to within 30 days of joining for full refund.
  • The fees includes 4 recorded video corrections (anytime during the 2 months after joining) from a teacher trained in the method, especially for beginners. Once you join, the teacher will be in touch with you. If you use corrections, refunds are not possible since the teacher has delivered as promised.
  • Lifetime access – if anything about the site changes, you will have the option to download all the videos.

It’s simple, really. We can play 100 songs mediocre, without following best practices or optimization or we can learn what a specialist has learnt, taught and collected over 30 decades. Remembering and repeating is just the first step – learn the underlying mechanics. In my courses, you get my problem solving and framework building abilities (IIT background) along with my intimate knowledge of the music(I started playing as I was 11).