Welcome! The link to chord resources are on its way to your email…

Welcome! The link to chord resources are on its way to your email…

… meanwhile, here is something for you.

You have shown interest in chords, learning and understanding chords better, beyond just somehow remembering and repeating.

If you are interested in being independent… not having to depend on chord shape diagramns etc to find each chord you want to play, then this is a resource you need to have.

This is the first step to getting better with chords. Maybe you have watched me play Unusual Unpluggeds of popular songs, chord arrangement etc. It all starts here.

You need to play rhythm? You need chord shape and pattern proficiency. You need to be able to find chords on your own? Again you need to know chord shapes and patterns and how you can directly connect it to the guitar fretboard, without unnecessary elaborate in between thought processes and models.

In other words, you need to be thinking in chords!

As you can see, I have kept the price low enough for anyone interested in playing chords on the guitar, to benefit from it (… after all, a Yamaha C40 costs at least USD100 or equivalent Rupees!).

See the details and make use of the opportunity.

The Chord Code PDFs


There are two options for you to learn:

1) use the content on your own

2) Get Shyam to answer your doubts, correct your playing etc using Skype messages (a students only channel) and practice videos which he will personally watch and guide you for best results depending on your unique skill level and goals. See full details below.


NO RISK GUARANTEE : Don’t find it useful? Email me and let me know within 30 days. You will get full refund – no problem.

It’s ok to start playing chords by looking at pictures or memorizing the shapes. It is easy to do that, you just need to know how to read those images and copy it on the guitar.

What is usually missing is the understanding that chords are all patterns. The 12 different possible major chords all have one simple pattern beneath it: 1-5-8 note positions in the note sequence, from the starting note.

This forces the student to mindless go through memorizing routines, while the easy reality is right there, just waiting to be understood.

The 12 minor chords also can be reduced to just one formula you need to remember. Sus2, sus4, diminished etc are just one note change from the major and minor.

Imagine you want to learn 6 chords… with this method you have to know just 6 chord type patterns instead of having to learn 72 different chord shapes! Really.

Any of the other chords, like the 7th or 9th or minor 7th flat 5th (!) can all be built once you know just ONCE the building method.

The guitar advantage

Now it gets better. The guitar has just 3 patterns you have to remember to play any major chord.

One change to that pattern and you can play any minor chord or sus 4th or sus2 anywhere on the fretboard. Similarly, adding one note or removing a finger will let you play any 7th or 6th or add 9th etc chords…

I guess, now you understand the freedom we are talking about…

… and why someone who has mastered this way of thinking, can “think in chords” faster, by connecting chord patterns directly to the strings… coming up with unusual and creative chord combinations and shapes.

What you’ll learn

Using fretboard image diagramns and forumulae, I will explain to you surprisingly simple yet effective process of building chord shapes and patterns on the standard tuned guitar, connecting chords directly to the notes on the fretboard.

Understand the formula behind the chord and you have to remember 1/12th of the information as you other wise have to.

Too many numbers? Don’t worry in the Chord Code PDFs, it is all shown using fretboard images, so that you can directly relate them to the instrument you use.

This is just the beginning of a path to chord freedom.

Guitar chords – 3 patterns only

It doesn’t take much time to understand the principle and start using the formulae or patterns, when done the right way like in this course.

But, the effect stays for a life time of playing, giving you freedom to connect notes with chords, thereby letting you “think in chords”.

This gives you the freedom to start improvising smarter and faster, gives you the first steps to being able to find chords for any Song or Raga or Scale…

These chord code PDFs (and the accompanying videos) will make it all clear for you. Since they are built from the basics up, it is more about learning the process than having to memorize separate instances.

I’m assuming that you want to learn the real workings of music… else you wouldn’t have chosen to learn from me if you wanted to just somehow memorize without progress or future 🙂

What is included

Type of Content

There are two sets of pdfs – one with guitar fretboard diagramns explaining the chord method on the fretboard and another version with theory explanation for the non guitar instruments.

In the included videos, I take you through the process overview, showing you the building process, the method behind using patterns and formulae on the guitar. This will let you start with a clear idea, which then you can solidify by going through the pdfs and images showing different cases.

Fretboard image explanations

Images of fretboards are used for the explanations. So, you don’t need to know western notation or any other system to understand. The fretboard images show you what you can do, directly on a guitar fretboard.

We do talk about interval naming, which is very useful when naming chords and finding shapes on the fretboard. This is explained in the beginning and throughout the course, so that by the time you work through the course, the needed theory will be second nature.

(YOUR CHOICE) Personal support from me

If you take the option to have One FULL month of custom corrections from me, through videos and skype messages… I will be available to you for a complete three months to watch your practice videos and answer your doubts.

You will have access to personalized recommendations and suggestions from me, like I give to my students in one to one classes (at a fraction of the price).

When you take this option, you can send me any number of practice or doubt videos or messages and I will help you cut through the clutter and tell you exactly where to focus on, what to correct, and even include custom exercises just for your skill level and needs.

Your doubts and my videos for you can be on any topic like rhythm playing or chord melody or finger-picking or naturally chords… which is a huge advantage extending the scope of your learning.

… i mean… I don’t have to tell you the benefits this small investment of having me on your side can bring to your playing.

(In order to take advantage of this option, choose and buy the course option which includes 1 month custom guidance from me.)

This course is a pre-requisite for: 1) Detailed methods on how to FIND chords on your own, which is a separate full course on its own.  As a BONUS to you, I have included a few introductory pdfs on finding chords in this course.

2) rhythm playing techniques, transitions etc, which is yet another vast field that demands its own course.

But, this CHORD CODE PDFs gives the basis you need for either of those courses because: 1) You can’t find chords for songs or ragas if you don’t know chord shapes or patterns or naming conventions. 2)You can’t play rhythm or do better transitions unless you know the chords you need to play.



Chord Code PDFs is designed for guitarists who want to start understanding chords better and be able to work better with chords on the fretboard.

This is the foundation towards “thinking in chords” while improvising or being able to have the freedom to find chords fast, for any song or raga or scale using pattern methods.

(other musicians can find the theory useful, although much explanation is done using fretboard images)


Stop just remembering and repeating chords or rote memorizing where to press – that is the hard way that limits your progress and future possibilities.

These Chord Code PDFs will ‘hold your hand’ through the hard parts, including starting to understand the intervals, the basic chord formulae and how they manifest on the fretboard, how to build ANY chord pattern or name using by connecting with the notes used or the position and shape on the fretboard…

… giving you freedom from different sides, through patterns or through names or through shapes and formulae

Start Smart Now – Crack the CODE

Knowing the real patterns and connections behind chords and the fretboard changed my playing – and I know it can change yours too.

It has allowed me to “think in chords”, letting me do improvisations on the fly by connecting notes with possible chord patterns. You can have that freedom too.

My Chord Code PDFs have the notes I have compiled based on my experience and studies. It has been used by my students repeatedly to find the “AHA” with chord names and patterns and how they connect with notes on the fretboard.

It covers the entire method of chord formulae and patterns you need to find chords based on patterns or names on the standard tuned guitar.

If you would like to have support from me and my team while you go through the course, choose the option while you join.

Join today to start using chords the smart way.