Guitar Basics That Matter

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Use the ‘Take this course’ button to join the course. I have deliberately kept it at an entry level fee so that as many interested can join and try guitar playing. If you have found my youtube tutorials useful, the investment is a no-brainer – you have already benefitted from and know my work.

If you are interested in playing Indian music on the guitar, want to start learning the guitar while playing towards music that really matters to you, interested you in playing guitar, the music you finally want to play, start with this course.

Instead of random, abstract, generic exercises that keep you stuck in minimal incremental skill growth loops, this course is optimized towards learning the necessary fundamentals that matter. These basics will form the foundation for you to later start practicing slides etc when playing Indian music.

Learn sustained and connected playing, body and arm best practices, beginner exercises for fingering and phrasing development, along with best practices regardless of the genre you want to play.

Go through the full list of videos (maybe updated and added over time) to see how you can use this course for your regular  practice.
From where you are skillwise, to your relevant musical goals.

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If you are an absolute beginner, this course will start you from holding the guitar and playing your very first note.

If you have been playing for sometime, you could still go through the first videos. Then there is a summary of best practices, and further optimizations.

  • how to hold the guitar? What is the best angle and position?
  • plectrum or hand? what is the angle of contact? up and down or other?
  • what to start with? What is sustain and connected playing? Why is it important to play music instead of notes?
  • follow the best practices and be confident about your guitar playing
  • fingering exercises, finger freedom

Maybe your need is to play the instrument with family or friends. Sometimes it can be for being relaxed from work life. Clear these common doubts and questions to play better. In one of the first videos, I play the guitar left handed in order to mimic the situation of someone starting from zero. We go through best practices, what is expected. The mini wins that you can make instead of thinking black or white about playing the guitar.

Go through the videos one by one. The videos have recommended exercises, with a few variations, like in a game. You can attempt each of them and when you are able to do it, it is a win of a strategic goal, and we move forward.