Raga Kalyani | Kamalajaathala Geetham (Lydian/Yaman scale notes)

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Raga music is phrasal. This course will deepen your raga phrase understanding using Raga Kalyani Geetham.

Raga kalyani can be played using the notes of the lydian mode or scale. compare the major scale with the lydian scale, learn the swara moves of raga kalyani, learn the fingering and phrasing required to play it on the guitar 

Converting swaras to its note equivalent without the needed raga slides and rules will not give you raga music.  Looking and repeating tabs, even if they contain the required raga slides, will keep your learning and playing at a mechanical level.

Reach the understanding level of learning as early as possible by Understanding the underlying rules and movements of Indian music. Play it on the guitar by acknowledging the Framework of a standard tuned guitar while practicing the required moves – slides, hammer ons and pull offs – along with phrase and finger logic.

Prerequisite: The Lambodara Geetham course introduces the connection between scales and ragas, how to convert the major scale to the needed raga and add the slide rules. it is useful to do that course first to get the fundamentals correct. See the Lambodara Geetham course or get the complete Carnatic bundle.

In this course we will look at the swara and lyrics variations of the Kamalajathala Geetham. Continuing to learn how to connect raga on the fretboard with swaras and lyrics.

This course is for you if,

  • you want to learn to play Carnatic Geetham Kamalajathala or try Raga Kalyani using a simple composition. This is THE course.
  • you want to learn to play Indian raga in general, on the guitar
    • This geetham in Raga Kalyani has the same notes as the Lydian scale, just one note different from the major scale. Very useful to compare and learn.
    • Don’t just look and repeat tabs – instead learn the underlying connections between carnatic and guitar fretboard, phrasing, finger logic.
  • you want to play or improvise with Indian music eventually.
    • Indian music is phrase based – random scale not combinations will not give you the raga. Further your understandin gof the the phrasal nature of indian music, to connect the scales on the guitar to the raga in a systematic manner beyond remember and repeat.
    • You also develop the needed psychomotor skills in a graded manner from simple notes to slides and combinations.
  • want to try something new on the guitar? This course will help you improve your raga knowledge using the raga that uses the Lydian scale positions