Learning / teaching method

How do we do it? 

(See more details below)

Path and process based on your current skill and the goal or interest we are trying to achieve.

Watch the videos based on your interest and current ability.

These videos are part of explanation on how we teach or learn using our method. That’s why it talks about group calls, video corrections etc.

Click here to see options for 1-1 calls, group calls, custom content, corrections, assessments etc to exactly know what you should be doing.

Without knowing exactly what to correct, you could be going round in circles with no progress. Content is not king (it’s everywhere and a lot) – error oriented deliberate practice and corrections are.

Want to play Indian songs fluently like it is sung

Want to play Carnatic on the guitar

Want to play rhythm and chords 01

Rhythm and Chords 02 – sing while rhythm, chord melody

Want to find chords and notes on your own