Fluent Indian Guitar.
Rhythm Chord Mastery

To play music and not just hit notes, to avoid frustration and quitting, you need to learn to play using music you are really familiar with.
But, accurate Indian guitar notes and technique is rare to find.
To facilitate learning and supporting Indian music, here we have for you, Indian guitar courses and content with easy to access simple fee options.

Start learning

Starting to play the guitar? Get the Beginner Courses if you need to start small or PRIME to get material in all different categories without having to spend on different courses. Have been playing for sometime? Join PRIME. All your different interests and skill levels are met there under one account.

Option 1

Beginner Courses - $6

  • Less than ₹500
  • One time payment, 1 year access
  • Just starting to play, want to test
  • Online available. Use at your pace.
  • Guitar basics & best practices that matter
  • Indian guitar technique basics
  • Rhythm chord fluency basics
  • Starting to play OR want to correct your basics and learn best practices?
Option 2: $60 for a year (In-depth)

PRIME Courses & Exercises

Your spent: Less than ₹5000 for a year

You get (HUGE):

  • 1 year anytime access to the content, exercises, theory, practice. 
  • Single payment for a year of access. Renew if and when you wish. No contracts or automatic subscription.
  • Everything in Beginner Courses: Guitar basics, Indian guitar basics, Rhythm Chord basics
  • Indian guitar skill growth & Fluency
  • Rhythm chord exercises, patterns, methods
  • Fingerstyle and Chord Melody exercises
  • Chord and rhythm knowledge and practice
  • How to find chords on your own
  • Ear training exercises
  • Carnatic basic lessons
  • Progress from just remember and repeat to understanding and higher hierarchies of learning
  • Content for both beginners and been playing for sometime
  • Exercises and lessons updated over time
  • Basics to advanced exercises and topics for every day practice

1-1 & Corrections

At any time if you will benefit from corrections or 1-1 lessons with a teacher or want to know which option is best for you, just send a message:

Get private classes from associate teachers trained in our methodology and use our detailed content. (scaffolding, positivity, reverse gap, error oritented deliberate corrections, GPS focus etc.)  

Learn with Shyam

Because of work (composing, instruction strategy etc.) and life commitments, Shyam is able to attend to only a limited number of students. Start with the PRIME content.

Why the reduced price than before? Content should be accessible to as many as possible, while time needs to be charged appropriately since, being mortals, time is a limited resource and needs to be valued. I have separated the content from corrections or other activities that need teachers’ time. This way you pay just for the usage of content at an affordable price and as needed you can pay for corrections. Students who bought before paid for included corrections and/or lifetime access.

Why not everything for free or even lower price? Music teachers, their dependents, those who get paid by them all need income to live, don’t you agree? It took me decades to learn and practice to share this content in effective formats for your benefit. Detailed tutorials that can be sold for a price are given completely FREE at youtube musicianself channel. 

Help you be a better musician

My name is Shyam. You may know me from my Youtube (musicianself, shyammonk) free detailed videos.
Playing Indian style music, chords & rhythm since I was 11 years old. Originally from Kerala. Live in Germany. 

IIT BTech. Prepared from a small town, on my own: JEE 716. Relevance? I know how to chunk, prepare and get results for myself and others. The background for the analysis and logic you get in my videos.

Been teaching online and helping others build instruction systems, since 1.5 decades. I invite you to benefit from my life time experience, for a small fee in return for the effort and expenses.

Have any questions? Ask us: +91 79010 51947

Your Needs & Interests

Beginner Best Practices

You have the right to start learning music playing towards what you like, knowing for sure that you are in the right direction, absorbing the best practices without wrong methods.

Indian Guitar Fluency

Stop hitting notes. Play music. Learn the rules of connected sustained playing. Practice exercises relevant to playing your favorite Indian songs fluent and efficient like it is sung!

Rhythm Chord Ability

Automated rhythm hand. Smooth intelligent transition moves. Underlying mechanics to reduce the time you take to go from 0 to be a consistent rhythm chord player.

Chord Melody & Fingerpicking

Fingerstyle rich playing using song notes and chords at the same time. Better sound when playing alone. 0 to Higher skill level exercises.

Sing while rhythm

Play with family and friends? You play the rhythm while you sing or accompany. How to sync and not go awkwardly out of rhythm? Rhythm hand automation, chord techniques.

Advanced skills

How to find notes and chords on your own? Ear training, improvisation… other musician concerns. Join the family, let us go the path together. Custom solutions – just ask us.

Want to start with free content?

Path & Practice

  Learning theory, methodology, frameworks, steps we use to systematically and efficiently learn the different skills involved in playing music fluently and connected as we want it. Instead of trying in vain to somehow get the final sound, you understand the sub skills that chunk down the bulk to managable rewarding substeps. Spend your time, energy and money to get the best results as possible:
  • Beginner what to do
  • Indian guitar fluency – raga or film song – how
  • carnatic on guitar – additional
  • rhythm and chord steps
  • the smart chord root & pattern method overview
  • how to find chords steps
  • finding notes on your own – logic
  • learning using songs you like. Why
  • raga improvisation on western instrument – phrasal
  • fast and sure progress