Sing rhythm path

Want to sing while playing chords or play rhythm and chords with family and friends? 

Click to watch the video. You will know the path you need to take. The exercises you can do. What you are expected to do, the sub skills and strategy goals to help you confidently play rhythm and chords on the guitar while singing…

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  • the different parts of it
    • singing
    • playing guitar
      • rhythm
        • fingerpicking
        • strumming
          • plectrum or hand
          • start with downstrokes, advance to up down and muting
        • identifying rhythm
          • knowing the different rhythm types
      • chords
        • open chords
        • transitions
        • open to barre
        • barre transitions, optimizations, body efficiency
        • finding chords on your own – vocal support and freedom.
    • skills to do the two together
      • automatic rhythm hand, like a train
      • watching and the lyrics and entering the train at the right place
        • not all songs start with vocalist and rhythm downstroke on the same place
          • marugelara
          • own example like neelasagara nayana
      • watching the lyrics and timing during the song – more experienced, more the sense of position within timing
    • Extras
      • practising rhythm maths and rhythm solfege basic
      • understanding rhythm as repeating unit

Practising rhythm – automating the right hand. Exercises

Chord transitions to make sure no delay. Delay and time warp is not to be allowed at all. bpm

Exercising to enter at the right time

Favorite songs, lyrics, marking the down strokes to the right syllables.