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Vande mataram + Lessons, Corrections

Why notes are not enough:

  • Unknown mistakes We often meet well playing students who are unaware of note mistakes especially when they make string switches. This makes their otherwise good playing incorrect and not good for performance.
  • Too advanced for your current level Good teaching includes making available lessons at the students current level, taking them to their next 1%. When the material is too advanced, the overwhelm brings frustration, death of motivation, self doubts. Instead, start learning at a lower skill level, gradually increase the difficulty. Vandemataram in our course is given at 3 levels – open to more slides. In fact a 4th, full fledged variation is also given for you to try whenever you are ready for it.
  • Connectedness Correct notes, played disconnected removes musicality from otherwise good playing. Connectedness at the note level, slide level, overall song level. Work with us to remove these common mistakes, which often the student doesn’t know exists and can be changed fast to suddenly improve their playing quality and how they are perceived as a musician.

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How do you benefit? 

  • Vandemataram tutorial video with tabs:
    • open string variaton
    • 3rd string variation without slides
    • 3rd string variation with slides – impressive Indian raga sound
    • FULL fledged variation – most advanced level details you will need

Play towards the style you are really interested in and want to play finally. 

Learning western note exercises will not prepare you to play Indian music, with the feedback loop to match your playing and how it is meant to sound. Western teachers cannot teach you Indian music since they themselves will have to learn it first and don’t have the background or process optimization to do it. Why complicate it for everyone? 

You have too many options to learn WHAT to play. Youtube whirlpool, different graded systems. Time is spent on different material, but nothing to show at the end. Just confusion. Stop such waste of resources – focus and learn the style that matters to you, while learning underlying strong fundamentals.

A practical music student needs to know HOW to schedule the practice, what to learn first, how to make sure your syllabus meets your real life needs. Learn to play the kind of music you are really interested in.

My name is Shyam. I started playing Indian style guitar on stage since I was 11 years old. I have practical experience in learning for clear results. (example: IIT entrance AIR 716 in 1998, preparing from a small town, using old question papers).

Benefit from both worlds 

  • performer I learnt from musicians who performed regularly – I was taught early on how to get results in playing. Not just theoretical, someday… 
  • teacher  A good player need not be a good teacher, doing what is needed from the students perspective. You can benefit from my decades of experience having learnt and taught for real life results. 

Be a better player:


Lifetime access to 6 tutorial videos for Vande mataram: 

  • open position without slides
  • 3rd string without slides
  • 3rd string with slides
Watch the video at the top of the page for samples of the end result.

Vandemataram Tutorial Lifetime Access

What hidden problems are preventing you from being the musician you could be? Find out and correct now.

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What a student says:

With the backing of fundamental bundle from Ragacourses, covering the theory is well taken care. I am realizing the foundations,the speed and focus that I have now is wonderful.
Signing to Ragacourses was one of the best decisions I have taken and I recommend wholeheartedly for music learners.

-Krishna Mohan, Ellicott City, US

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If you put in the required work as suggested to you in the corrections and use the resources as advised, you will find progress.