1st Carnatic Geetham: Sree Gananaatha – Lambodara – Raga Malahari

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Carnatic music is the basis of South Indian music. Film songs too base their fluency and phrases on Carnatic Raga Music even though not mentioned directly.

Playing towards the music we are familiar with or are interested in is important to learning to play an instrument or learning music in general.
Often available carnatic music on western instrument sources translate the fluent gamaka based playing poorly to just scale notes. Or, the technique is disconnected from the standard tuned guitar or its scales, that the learning can feel like reinventing the wheel.

Often your talent is questioned, while the lack of teaching frameworks that care of the underlying mechanics, body level modeling, logical step by step progression are the real reasons.

This course is for you if,

  • you want to learn to play Carnatic Geetham Lambodara or Sree Gananatha, the first Geetham traditionally taught, on the standard tuned guitar. This is THE course.
  • you want to learn to play Carnatic in general, on the guitar, this is a very good starting point.
    • This geetham in Raga Malahari has a representative sound of Carnatic music and is the first Geetham (small composition) taught traditionally.
    • this course teaches it step by step starting with simple note strikes to slides.
    • NO need to play the sarali varisais on the guitar before attempting the geetham, since, guitar has frets and there is no need to worry about swara sthaanam / swara position fixing. Systematically learn to use slides to make fluent connected Carnatic sound using this course
  • you want to play or improvise with Indian music eventually.
    • Indian music is phrase based – random scale not combinations will not give you the raga. Therefore this course is a good starting point to understand the phrasal nature of the music, to connect the scales on the guitar to the raga in a systematic manner beyond remember and repeat.
    • You also develop the needed psychomotor skills in a graded manner from simple notes to slides and combinations.
  • want to try something new on the guitar? This course will help you connect your existing scale knowledge to enter to the world of ragas.

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