Rhythm Chord Basics | Beginning to play chords and rhythm

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  • smooth transitions using underlying mechanics
  • basic rhythms
  • finger change priority to prevent stuck chord change
  • common finger and finger group movement
  • automation of rhythm hand
  • conscious playing connecting the chord shapes to the root notes
  • pattern based understanding of chords – how you need to practice only 3 chords to generate all the other chords. Don’t waste your time learning different chords when they are all the same pattern.
  • basic chord theory. the patterns on paper

If you are just beginning to play chords, use this resource to get the best practices right.

Go through each video and do the given exercises one by one, while understanding the concepts. Different levels of exercises are given. Any exercise done is a mini win. 

(If you know anyone who wants to start playing chords on the guitar, please refer them to this resource. They can get access to this and all other courses as part of the ragacourses subscription at ragacourses.com)