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Tell me which of the following is true about your need (click on one link):

  1. Want to learn to play Indian Raga (Carnatic) or Film songs on the guitar fluently like it is sung
  2. Want to learn to play chords and rhythm fluently, starting with open chord changes and simple rhythms
  3. BOTH (1 + 2) Want to learn to play Indian style song on guitar and rhythm-chord fluency
  4. Want to learn to find chords on my own for ANY raga, songs, scale… (slightly advanced theory)

You won’t make a mistake. Choose any.

Then we will discuss your need, I will mix and match the right resources for you – it is not static – I will change the content access to match your specific needs.

When my courses are not a right fit at all for you, naturally you will get an easy and quick refund, no problem at all. I want to make sure that it works for you.

If you are not sure which of the above is the right choice for you, please see this video: